[News] The live viewing of JKS short film ‘CAMP’ and special talk show will be held on March 12th

Original source: http://t-joy.net/jang-keunsuk/
As we previously announced, Jang Keun Suk Special Short Film DVD ‘CAMP’ will be released on March 14th, 2015. You can see the trailer and the detail from here. Lucky 800 eels selected by drawings from the DVD buyers can attend the premiere on March 12th with Jang Keun Suk in Tokyo, and today the live viewing at movie theaters in Japan was officially announced by Japan Official Fan Club. The show starts at 17:00. The ticket price including the souvenir file holder is 3,900 yen.

14 thoughts on “[News] The live viewing of JKS short film ‘CAMP’ and special talk show will be held on March 12th”

  1. This is such wonderful news…The ones (visiting) in Japan are very lucky..
    Imagen watching CAMP in big screen…with his marvelous voice thundering through the dolby surround.. it must be a dream…reaching right into your heart..
    I wish I was there…
    Just have to wait patiently for my CAMP DVD to arrive

  2. Hope you will translate this article


    Looks like they are mentioning Cannes festival. Does it mean that Sukkie vil be invited? I hope it does. I have tried to use google translate so it´s possible the translation is tottaly wrong. I just get so excited! Sukkie in Cannes in May!! It would be amazing!

    I have already checked the webside to the Cannes Festival, but it says the selection will be revealed on April 16th.

    • Sorry, I just noticed your question, Zoe. It’s noting related about Suk and Cannes. The director of ‘CAMP’ used to be invited in Cannes, famous film director. So there is a word ‘Cannes’ in the article 🙂

      • Haha…I know that we can`t trust google translate. I even checked the official selection of the Cannes Festival two days ago. 😀

        I´m so glad we have you. 🙂 Thank you.

      • But then, i understand JKS directed this short film, Camp? Suddenly there’s a bit of confusion here. Please explain…..

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