12 thoughts on “[2015-02-08] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. the 3 meals a day will be broadcast in my country this valentine’s day – i saw the thriller for the premiere, and i feel a litter bitter, consider our beloved prince was asked to step down because of his account dept mistake, and the thought I would have enjoy his beautiful face and cute self on this Valentine’s day if nothing has gone wrong – I think Korean culture and mentality is so weird – if for other countries, they will use this negative publicity as a good booster to a new show, never mind, our Prince is strong, and all this is for good blessing, he will come out stronger and better, Mary loves you Suk

      • thanks Rossie for the comfort words, yes, something Wonderful, Great, Phenomena will happen to our love Geun Suk, evil people, just you wait, Mary loves you Suk

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