6 thoughts on “HS Media press conference video 1”

  1. your welcome, (^u^),
    VietnamEels fighting!!
    it’s the part 1 ryt? can’t wait for the part 2.
    yeah, i was about to sleep last night when suddenly i saw it in youtube… and i think one more vid won’t hurt….
    now i have the panda eyes. wakaka….

      • hey minmin lee (^u^)/
        i don’t know if there any website for vietnam eels, VietnamEels that’s mentioned here is a youtube account. (just visit her channel, i like her MVs)
        if you want to join jks official fan club, aphrael has posted the guide to register in the ofc. check it in the older post, i thought it is one of last week posts.
        you can meet many eels here or in the other jks’s fan webpage. or you can join the forum in baidu, soompi etc. If you have fb account. you can add many jks respective page there to your like-list. some of them are (i love jang geun suk) and (we are The Mighty SeOUL Sisters)

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