[2015-01-10] CRI-J staff twitter

#Three Meals a Day Press Conference, we thank all eels participating in sending briquette wreaths and supporting JKS on & off line. “JangKeunSuk #Our beloved actor, Jang Keun Suk. We love him.
#삼시세끼 제작발표회 연탄화환으로, 온라인으로 응원해주신 장어분들 고맙습니다.#장근석 #우리의_배우_장근석_사랑합니다_크리

5 thoughts on “[2015-01-10] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. By loving and supporting Prince JKS on everything he does gives so much happiness and energy to eels,it’s a wonderful feeling.^_^ congratulations to all eels. through thick and thin we will support and love our dear Prince JKS forever. ^_^

  2. From ugly, uglier and ugliest to sweet, sweeter, and sweetest. The Ugliest Sweetie and the Sweetest Ugly, we always love and adore you.

  3. Who is uglier or who is sweeter? Non compatible. My Sugar is the sweetest, sweeter than honey. I need my Sugar to strengthen my energy everyday.


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