[2015-01-10] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

JKS tweeted “My face is becoming ugly.. definitely..” yesterday in reaction of the promotional trailer of ‘Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village’ shown at the press conference. Today, his close friend Kim Jaejoong replied to JKS’ tweet. Very sweet to see their exchanges.

JJ: Your hyeong feels the same recently.
@AsiaPrince_JKS 형도 요즘 느끼는중.

JJ: You’re handsome, by the way~
@AsiaPrince_JKS 넌 잘생겼어~

JKS: Come to Manjae island once~ Let’s be ugly together. kk
@bornfreeonekiss 만재도 한번 오셔~ 같이 못생겨지자 ㅋㅋ

JJ: If I go to Manjae island, I’m going to be uglier..? Come to our shooting set once, with something delicious~ Something that makes us handsome.
@AsiaPrince_JKS 만재도 가면 더 그렇게되는군..우리 세트장 맛난거 사서 한번 놀러와~잘생겨지는 음식 가지고

JJ: By the way, our broadcasting hours coincide.
I will watch Fishing Village on DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting), so please watch SPY on TV~

@AsiaPrince_JKS 근데 우리 방송 시간 겹치네
어촌편은 DMB로볼게 스파이는 TV로봐줘~

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  1. How sweet are both! Beautiful friendship! What a blessing to have such a friend to be with you in any situation and to encourage you! I love JJ! 🙂 🙂 Thanks dear Tenshi!

  2. Ooooww… What a friendship… So sweet..
    Its almost hard to have real friend in enterteinment world.. They’re very lucky to have each other.. 🙂


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