16 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS at Lotte Busan Hotel (mostly for Christmas FM)”

  1. I would especially love to have that coffee mug and that blanket with Sukkies picture. Lucky attendees! They have seen him, and heard him syng!

    Do you know what is on the CD (maybe DVD), Tenshi? I have heard something about him mentioning a japanese director. Will he maybe act in a japanese movie? Do you know something about that?

    • Hi zoe, next thursday he will have a presentation in the university the topic is a Japanese director “Kitano Takeshi” so he prepared a cd dvd for that and he is acting in it 😉 I heard also that they are some lucky eels
      3 of them won his jacket t shirt and jeans ” wearing by jks”
      3 others had the possibility to asking him for whatever they wants ,
      One chose to hugs her
      the second she asked him to take her temperature ” so he take it by his forehead the naughty boy !!! not by his hand kkkk ”
      the 3rd one was in lost hhhhh so he hugs her

      • Thank you, Malice!! How do you know so much?! I´m impressed! 🙂

        They were so lucky! I think I would go for the hug too. 😉

      • Wow, I wish I were taken my temperature with his forehead or his cheek. I would have been swooning. That is why the 3rd one got lost. Thank you Malice for sharing this with us.

      • may i ask if all those items above were giveaways on Fan meeting??may i know where exactly did you heard some all the latest news about Prince JKS??aside from this blog. is he held a fan meeting every year on the month of december??thank you so much.. ^_^

      • Hi bethsky_06, in brief :

        ★About the items above I have no idea 🙁

        ★I read it in Arabic ” jang geun suk arab fan club” (Facebook)
        and some other news in French “jang keun suk france” (Facebook) like what he sangs
        -Nature Boy
        -Bye Bye Bye
        -Always Close To You
        -Save Me
        -Turn Off
        -Beautiful Change

        ★this fan meeting it’s depending on his contract of endorsement with lotte dotty free 😉

        That’s all I know and good night 🙂

      • How can I help you ??

        It’s breaking heart when i saw an accused of violence and domestic abuse positioning in the 2nd place !!!
        I will never understand Their selection criteria and judgment 🙁 T T 🙁

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