10 thoughts on “[fan-cam & pics] JKS Christmas Lotte Fan Meeting in Busan_20141213”

    • Thanks. But this was filmed during his private time, so we don’t post here openly.
      We jangkeunsukforever.com blog don’t post his private pics or videos taken secretly (without permission). Thanks for understanding.

      • Zoe, no, that’s OK. I understand your intention. I’m also happy to see his handsome face. I just wanted to tell you our posting policy. So I leave your comment and my reply, too. Thanks always ^^

      • I didn´t actually know it was his private shopping. It was Lotte fan meeting yesterday, and there were so many people around him i the video.

        Thank you. I always love your blog. ^^

  1. Our boy perfect as ever!!!!!!!! He nows how to amaze us with every photo shoot. ..his vibe changes like a chameleon. ..not lot of artists know or capable to do that…wonderschon


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