[16 Apr 2011] Informal news of HS Media contract-signing press conference

* Contents updated @ 17 April, 1.14am

Credits: Sukbar, KeunSukChina and as tagged

What does one do at a contract-signing press conference?
Pending official news reports, pics below are purely a loose interpretation of the event for fun, and in no sequential order ^^

JKS plans to release a Chinese album and definitely a press conference in China for that, and he is considering the possibility of setting up a Chinese official website (erm, I guess paid membership as well) and a Sina account (China’s version of Twitter).

Once again, JKS’ display of humour is, well, really funny.
He said he signed a one-year contract with HS Media, and not a hundred-year marriage contract with Jason (他说自己是一年合同不是和杰森百年好合). Despite the teasing, JKS trusts Jason Jang very much as he said that there is nothing that Jason cannot do. JKS said that having gained much experience from his Asia Tour last year, his Tour this year will have more selling points. He may invite Hee-chul and Hong-ki, though he said their rates are quite expensive, but his rate is more expensive than them. When asked to show off the Chinese phrases he knows, JKS said in Chinese “all eels are his wives”, “I love you” and “I am hungry”. The emcee asked JKS how to draw eyeliner, and he really answered that!

The emcee has done her homework and she is knowledgeable about JKS and his eels. She also asked JKS whether he knew the reason why Chinese eels nicknamed him “抽抽”. If I’m not wrong, this is actually a recently coined term (people in China seem really fond of coining new words and imbuing them with new meaning). The closest meaning I can think of in English is “wacky”, a reference to his erratic and sometimes eccentric behaviour (i.e. like dancing anytime, anywhere when he feels like it, or skipping across the road etc etc). I am so curious what JKS’ response to that is!

Another incident, when JKS got hold of the knife for the cake-cutting, he pointed the knife at Jason’s round tummy and made as if to cut that, giving Jason quite a fright. Our JKS then laughed in mock evil laughter… … Just a boy at heart, ain’t he?

What the venue IFC Mall looks like


Waving and smiling at fans during interview

Or looking for them ^^

Preventing HS Media’s Jason Jang from revealing his secret?

How can we forget the all-important contract signing?

Cheers to that!

The three drinking in comic unison

This is probably some lucky and auspicious token being presented to JKS.
Do I see a dragon?


Photograph-taking time

OMG, what kind of game is this??

15 thoughts on “[16 Apr 2011] Informal news of HS Media contract-signing press conference”

  1. Sukkie looks very cheerful throughout & I’m also curious what he replied about the question on “抽抽” as I always see China eels using this term in BaiduSukbar, I comprehend as “Psycho” Jang only after staying in Sukbar for while, but really wonders what is Sukkie’s reaction to this ^_^

    • Jason Jang is the CEO of HS Media. He took on the role of interpreter at the GCMA awards but he didn’t translate fully what JKS said, only the main meaning.

    • Sukkie like to eat eels as it is a food known to supplement energy, his fans are like eels that give him the energy n support to motivate him to move far ^^

    • One time fans gave him unagi or eels with the thoughts of eating eels will give him energy and strength so he thought that his fans gave him energy and strength that is why he consider his fans as an eels his source of everything ,

  2. The beige jacket does not fit well. Stylist – please be aware, it damages the nice figure of our beautiful prince. Wow, Jason is a CEO… he seems very kind. Not sure about other eels, I am kinda want to see the “without eyeliner” look of JKS again – his eyes are too pretty to need any more makeup.

    • LOOOL you’re right it’s Park Shyn Hye!!! WHere does that come from??? oh and I so hope Hong Ki joins him! *misses YAB days*

      Thanks Aphrael!

      • Ya ! Is GoMiNam. The girl that JKS’s mum interested to be her future daughter in law and JGS best matched mate ! I really hope they can try to date each other as compared to Moon Guen Young. She is not very beautiful but lovely & simple. She has a pure “look” and best fit JKS. She does a lot of CFs. A lot of eels like to match both of them too……… Mayb same as Chinese eels

  3. All I can say is Park Shin Hye is very very pretty and feminine. I think she got almost everything that a man could ask for in a mate.


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