[article] Shukan Josei (Weekly Women)_20141014

English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI, Edited by tenshi_akuma
Suk said, “I hope through this drama, to portray the actor in his 20s filled with lots of dreams, one who is full of energy and dares to go against the secular – that is JKS.”

Q: In the drama, in order to please the various women, MaTe showed various appearance, are you similar in real life?
A: Absolutely I will not resort to such means. Instead, I will not try to show my good side only, rather I will try to show my natural self, For example, I will show her my swollen face which people usually try not to show. (laugh) Then, I will gradually reveal my good side, too. Because if I reveal the good sides a lot from the beginning, she will constantly expect more, that is really tiring for me. (laugh)

Q: What if you gradually realize the girl is becoming closer to the type that you like?
A: That will be really great! Ladies should make effort in self-management, one who understands that will outshine others. I guess most people don’t really put an effort in that. (laugh)

Suk said, “I find myself looking around women who are disciplined and are broad-minded, not the kind who like to throw a tantrum, or would ignore and lose self-control when they get angered. Looks come first, then will take time to understand her inner beauty. I guess women are like this too. Similar to inner beauty, one needs to take note of physical appearance, too. Anyway, self-management is very important.”

Q: What is your target as the future image?
A: If I am now a red Ferrari, then I hope to be the classic Porsche which will still shine and remain polished after a long time passes.

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  1. Prince JKS is a brilliant and honest man. He is never afraid to show who really he is and what kind of character he may have. I always admire him for being true to himself and to everyone.. That was really admirable and amazing character of a man. He inspired me for everything. Prince JKS will be my forever idol and I’ll give my forever loyalty and faith to him infinitely!! Thank you so much dear Prince JKS for being who you are and what you are. You are really a great person!! ^_^
    Thanks tenshi as always!!

    • I so agree with you bethsky, Jang Keun Suk is a real man, a real human…not just an image nor a cashcow. His real eels love the real Suk..the beauty and the perfect image that comes with the package is just an extra….the real Jang Keun Suk is interesting and inspriring enough…in this world that becomes more fake everyday, “realness” becomes a scarry and rare commodity/virtue

      • Yes mamacri,in their environment as an artist we never know who really talks truthfully and who are not real. But in our dear Prince we really know that he is a real man with no prentencious just to please everybody or to have a good impact to others. We eels found the real Prince JKS thru his real heart and showing us his natural and true self and that could be one of so many reason why we love him so much. I’d never regret that I love Prince JKS the way he was. ^_^

    • I agree with you! I think this is the reason why a lot of his countrymen in the media don’t like him, but this is one of the reasons why a lot of eels like him, It seldom to find a person in showbiz who so honest to show his/her real self. The very reason why I appreciated this man a lot!

  2. Thank you dear Hazy Lee. Our Prince natural and himself always. I love that. This beautiful man is really the most beautiful soul. God bless our baby boy.

  3. When u r already attracted by the outer beauty,it’s hard to understand the inner beauty.some may not be beautiful on outside but is inside.anyway it’s my opinion.i hope nd believe he’ll find the one he’s looking for…

  4. His perfect mind for choosing the woman that will be his partner for life,love his comments first physical appearance second inner beauty yes yes yes,really love this beautiful man


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