[GCMA] Lounge H performance!

First, congratulations to Jang Keun Suk (and all eels) for winning the “Korean Most Influential Artiste” award!

JKS performed Lounge H song “Gotta Get Cha” in the rain!
His performance enlivened the atmosphere and made everyone very high!

For some pics so far,

Opening show: traditional mask-changer

Credits: Sukbar, KeunSukChina and as tagged

15 thoughts on “[GCMA] Lounge H performance!”

  1. I just saw him over cable TV channel V and I must say Sukkie’s LIVE performance is really good!!! he really bring the stage alive and even the rains comes as natural props ^_^ even my mum says he stands out lol…

  2. I just love love love love his performance. He really stood up among other celebrities. He even outshone all other more senior celebrities…. Initially after the green carpet… I was bored to death waiting for his performance. Others’ r just lame (pls dun kill me…. kekekeke). But when my prince appeared… wow…. so high man…… i even danced in front of TV…. hopefully he can have much bigger fan base in china after tonight.. as he also performed in front of other celebrities’ fans…… the rain really made it more dramatic and sexy…..

      • Hi nita,

        if i’m not mistaken, he’s the only korean star there. oops… i can’t really tell you who the other celebrities are, just as what aphrael always says, my radar is weak or even ‘off’ for recognizing others. I only have 1 star… SUKKIE….. and in order to follow JKS’ words, I wun look at other stars….. only him…. my most gorgeous prince…

      • Quite a lot of celebrities – those that I can recall: Wilbur Pan (can’t see why he’s popular in China), Hebe of SHE, Fahrenheit, Rainie Yang (i quite like her singing, her live singing is good), Stanley Ng (he’s got style), Wang Lee Hom, Elva Hsiao, Li Yu-Chun etc

        But really, JKS outshines them. I can’t wait for more people in China and Asia to get to know him better ^^

  3. Thank you for his latest pics!!!

    I couldn’t watch his performance on time, but I’m sure that his performance was a success ^^

  4. i should have watched it on star world chinese! and we have that channel…
    I SO want to be Jang Geun Suk’s personal stylist.

  5. I am glad that it seems that he is getting our message that he was too skinny before. He really looks good. This looks really suits him,his face looks really good, not looking tired, over all look of body just great.

    • Smile_iris,
      I was thinking exactly the same when I watched the vid.:)
      He looked really good in both outfits, very professional and owned the stage as nobody can!
      Thanks a lot Aphrael, you are the best!
      Congratulations to JKS!!!

    • yes, i’m confused he looks like he train his body lately but so far we always update about his daily news, when the time he can train/ exercise because he has been sooooo busy ??

      • he is sure a chamelon right as just few days back we are looking at a slim momo kimchi noodle hairstyled cute boy? ^^ I also wonder how he did it but when I see all his dramas & his different images in FM (just in a single FM), I used to wonder if I’m looking at the same person..that is his charm which is unique to Sukkie only, so far I can’t find anyone able to do so let him…

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