[2014-09-18] Tree-J twitter

Nya~! A message from Actor Jang has come.
I love you… anyway. (I… still love you.)
It’s a surprise message on Confession Day ^^

ㄴ ㅑ~! 장배우한테 메시지가 왔습니다.
사랑은…하지 모.
고백데이 깜짝 메세지네요^^

tenshi_akuma’s note: In Korea, September 17th is Confession Day. Because if people confess their love and start to be a couple, the couple will have the 100 days anniversary on Christmas Day. It means it is exactly 100 days from today to Christmas Day.

20 thoughts on “[2014-09-18] Tree-J twitter”

  1. I think this is for chinese eels. 😉 Some of them were a little bit upset because he stopped sending “I love you”-messages. 😀

    BTW we still love you too 😉

  2. What beautiful tradition! What a beautiful message … I think that is for all eels or ….. may be an opportunity for him to declare to someone his love …… That would be so beautiful and touching …..

  3. How I wish that the I love anyway message is for a real girlfriend hehehehe… He is so consistent of saying that he wants to marry and eventually becomes a father at a young age, that I really wish he should have a girlfriend for keeps at this moment.

  4. Confession Day is September 17th, 100 days before Christmas on December 25th.If you make a successful proposal to the one you fancy and become a couple on this day, then your 100th day will be Christmas. That is a much more romantic day than other couples will have.

    Confession Day, September 17th, became a subject of much online discussion beginning the day before, September 16th. This is because AVERAGE MEN with AN UNREQUITED LOVE FOR A WOMAN CAN USE THE DAY TO POUR OUT THEIR FEELINGS.

    *.* WoW!Confession Day!!! OMG !!! OMG!!! OUR PRINCE SUKKIE STILL LOVE HER (*****). This is so cute, romantic and sweet.

  5. love… is a very difficult feeling… a mixture of both..happiness and pain.. full of understanding and acceptance of everything despite all odds…crazy, such crazy feeling..turning you, your life upside down.. bringing you so much happiness and intense pain that sometimes you just want to be numb..and forget..so as not to feel anything anymore…but deep down both of you knows and love each other… heart and soul…


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