[Pics&Video] Jeon Soo Kyung talked about JKS (TAXI-Ep.347)

The lady is Actress Jeon Soo Kyung. She is also Hanyang university graduate.

At Below is the summary of the part she talked about her junior of Hanyang university.

Jeon Soo Kyung: At Professor Choi’s retirement banquet, Jang Keun Suk was sitting next to my table. It’s not for me but for my daughters that I wanted to take a picture with him! Seol Gyeong-gu was sitting on the other side of me. So, I asked him to take a photo with Keun Suk. He agreed with me, “Yeah, let’s do it!”
MC: OMG! So cute! That charismatic Seol Gyeong-gu did so willingly!?
JSK: That’s right. Then, he finally spoke to Keun Suk.
SG: “Keun Suk, why don’t you take a picture with us later?”
JKS: “Sure.”
JSK: Then, we kept eating, but gradually I started to worry if JKS might totally forget it while eating. I wonder if I should ask him to take a photo now? Then, I asked Seol Gyeong-gu again to ask for one more time. But he said to her this time, “That’s desperate to ask for twice!” Lol. He induced me to wait until the dinner finishes. Anyway, we enjoyed the dinner with elegance. After eating, Keun Suk came to me and said, “Hi, seniors! If your meal is over, why don’t you take pictures now? What a sweet guy! I was so impressed.

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  1. He was always full of respect for those around him. At the same time, he won respect from those who worked with him. He is a great man!


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