1. oh thank you so much for this.. looking forward for more, eng-sub videos of jks it really helps a lot for some intl’ eels out there like me 🙂

  2. Jan keun suk is so smart and elegant, he knows what he wants now he is ready to get married. He is so sweet and honest. I love him!!

    • Yes..he looks like he already have someone in his mind when he talk about marriage and having children this time.i wonder if others feel the same way.

      • I guess it´s possible, Sukasukie. But it looks to me like he was just teasing eels. The eels in the audience was funny:”faster, faster…” LOL 😀

      • Hmmm..maybe its has something with his image now.more serious..calm and mature.actually..this joke is like forever but there are still many eels react differently.some may approve and otherwise. Yes..he always curious about eels feeling towards him.so..eels should just say yes if he ask next time.

      • I’ll be so happy for him if he has already found the love of his life. Hope she will be a beautiful non-celebrity who keeps a low profile. 🙂

  3. Indeed, I can say as a proud mother of her child, this child has turned into a real man, smart, handsome, with a complex personality, honest and strong, ready to move to a new important stage in his life.
    I heard him referring to marriage and the desire to become a good father also with other occasions and I don’t think it’s really without a purpose.
    I think that he tested the reaction of the eels, especially as he said he knows that whatever he does, eels will love it.
    I trust in his choices and I hope that he will continue to keep the road that started, a road full of obstacles but straight, without making detours. A road traveled so far with dignity, courage and confidence.
    Here, we also have a very important role. We must be beside him, to be the shoulder he can lean without care, to be the ears that listen to his words without interruption, to be the eyes that see all his struggles, to be voices encouraging him constantly and be the souls who understand all his struggles and that transmit to him the love and energy that he needs so much.
    Thanks to everyone who made ​​it possible to be closer to him, if only for a few minutes 🙂 <3

    • Yes…the girl that is to be his future wife and mother of his kids must be a very strong, tolerant, understanding, good humored and loving woman because her life will not be easy. Not even because of his fans but because her husband ‘s life as JKS and as artist really is not easy especially in his own country..will she have riches yes..will she have a good husband O..yes; but the circumstances will be very testing; supportive but not to much in the picture, she has to be carefull as not to give opportunities for others to bash her or him..
      It’s normal in this stage of his life for one that is a bit “oldfashion” to talk about marriage and kids…He never made any secret of it that he wanted to be married at 27 and have a child at 30….just like his parents..
      There will be many changes coming our way..
      MS. girlfriend, marriage, parenthood, graduation, and of course his work…
      Well…if he dates…I hope it’s someone who does not add to his stress but one that will be able to give him love and peace…


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