[Translation] A Touching Letter from a Korean Eel to Support Jang Keun Suk

Original source: 爱SUK和上海微博
English Translation by Mandy Pan from ECI

Springsuk_USA’s Note: he author is a Korean eel (author’s nickname on weibo: “Love Suk and Shanghai”) living in Shanghai. She’s been a die hard eel for years. Originally she wrote it in response to the Chinese letter JKS wrote to eels during the Shanghai Zikzin Man FM. Eels and Jang Keun Suk have special connections, a love relationship. We trust him and we believe in him, we will always stand by his side to support him.

Silly Jang Keun Suk
You! Do you know?
We believe you.
When you said you did not… then you did not.
Regardless what was been said
Regardless the ending… because the ending may not be the truth.
We believe in you, don’t always do it for us!
Didn’t you say it on 831
Would say “I love” you on Weibo everyday.
If you did not, you could be drunk.
So… even if you don’t say “I love you” …you do love us, please remember that. We understand.
Even if you are unable to keep saying “I love you”
We will wait.
No, even if you do not say at all, it doesn’t matter
That’s because we know you have always loved us.
Of course, we understand
The days when you cannot say “I love you” are probably tough time for you
When you have to shoulder testing days alone.
We are just worried.
Silly Jang Keun Suk ~ do you know?
The time between 831 to 927 is not too long.
Getting leave from work is difficult
Difficult to tell our family that we want to see you
Problem with the expenses
Against all odds
We will support you!
Maybe, when we stand behind you, you are unable to see us and become weak
Then we will stand in front of you
We will see you on 927
Silly ah…
Silly Jang Keun Suk ah ~
You are uncompromising to that world
Because you are silly, that’s why we love you
With your sincerity
You do not walk the easy road
You choose the most difficult route
Because you are the fool who are forging a new path, that’s why we love you
Silly Jang Keun Suk~ do you know?
Actually we are more foolish than you
Because of you, we cry
Because of you, we feel sad
Because of you, we are grieving
So much so, there are days when I sometimes will also dislike myself who love you
But this feeling is forgotten very quickly
Only remember the happiness we get from you
We are the real fools
You who lives in our heart
We will guard the suffering you
For you, we will work harder
For you, we will live well
We will not cry
Casting all our weaknesses
We will be as strong as you are
My dear silly Jang Keun Suk
Let the foolish us embrace you, depend on us, trust us
Whether you are able to see us or not, we are always standing beside you
Captain of the fools, we will see you on 927, no matter what


21 thoughts on “[Translation] A Touching Letter from a Korean Eel to Support Jang Keun Suk”

  1. sis Sarah, I already read this letter in ECI. When first read this letter, I was crying river….because this letter described some of my honest feelings about JKS. Here is what I wrote in ECI……

    I don’t know why my heart squeezed so tight reading this letter, beside my tears falling like I always do when reading sentimental things about JKS. The road JKS took was not easy and will never be easy. In some ways if he never took this road, eels might not love him this much anyway. The two sentences hit me the most are……”Because you are the fool who are forging a new path, that’s why we love you.” and “We are the real fools.” The last one is one of the most honest descriptions about being eels. During my 4 yrs as eel, there were times, when talking about JKS to someone I know at work or some places…people would look at me so weird and being foolish…..on the good day, I was happy just to receive comments like…”I don’t know him. I’m not his fan….I don’t care about him..” instead of negative comments that hurt my heart so bad. There were times ….being JKS’ eel…I felt like I was committing a crime of some types or doing forbidden things.

    I felt I went against a flow of every K-popers that I knew personally. They didn’t understand why I love JKS? What I saw in him, when all they could only see.. JKS is “girly” arrogant and showoff guy? Most times, I couldn’t answer their questions, I agreed to disagree with them…. yeahhh he looks girly…yeahhh….he is this and that… BUT I STILL LOVE HIM ANY WAY. Goshh….. with such statement I would think I lost many good friends!! After witnessing many people’s reactions when claiming that I am JKS’ eel, I felt like I became more caution (or more conscious) talking about him in public or with friends…until I pretty much stopped talking about him at all to everyone close by me. I just chose to support him in the little ways that I could do……no need to proclaim to friends who won’t care and proud of my actions anyway. You see in the above sentences, I used “past tense” a lot….becoz nowadays….I don’t care if people know or approve I am JKS’ fan or not. Whenever I feel like talking about him, I talk about him… I don’t even care if my friends listen to me or not either…LOLL.

    Being eel is not easy, very mentally hard. So why am I still being a foolish eel? Why won’t I like or go along with the TRENDs and everyone’s else favorite K-STARs? Why do I care about this Korean guy who never knows I am his fan or even exist in this world? Am I not only foolish, but stupid also?? I don’t really know how to answer properly to these questions to describe the real truth of my feelings. All I can answer…becoz of these words: happy royalty bond friendship…and simply the word, “love”….!! When you love someone purely, it’s very hard to find reasons to justify that feeling. Love is just simply good feeling you have for that person(s). Many people said, love is blind….Love is foolish….Love makes your heart beating with hope and alive with smiley face..etc. Love is everything!!!

    P.S. I’m so thankful that this eel, especially Korean eel, has the courage to write this letter to JKS. I feel that Korean eels are few in numbers, but those few eels are really died-hard fans of JKS. They also know JKS the best. They had been with him since the beginning!!! They had suffered thru the trials and troublesome of JKS’ up and down career….and they also rejoiced with his success in their own ways. Oh yeahhh.., When JKS did something un-proper or said something not appropriated, Korean eels were the first ones to scold him. Yeap, got to love them for that…..kkkk.

    I remembered one or two Korean eels commented here, in this blog, in the past saying that being eels in Korea were super hard. Most of them were not opening eels…or dare not to tell everyone that they were eels. Yeapp…you bet, I totally understand how they felt…becoz I can imagine they have experienced the sighed-heads or frown-faces or the weird-look people look at them for being JKS’ fans.

    Any way, I am very proud of Korean eels and thankful for them for never lets go of JKS’ hands and stay with him for so long, thru thick and thin, up and down.

    Thank you, eels. Let’s ZikZin with JKS together…all the way!!!

    • Yes..korean eels are the hardcore.its not easy for them.i can feel them..I know keun suk has so many fans around the world but many of them are secret fans.i also can feel them.i start followed him secretly too before but now I dont mind if people laugh at me when they know because I know its a part of eels life.kkk..

    • Kailey, you made me cry again. Thanks for your honest thoughts being an eel. You described my thoughts very well. Thanks. Let’s Zikizin to our eels’ road from now on 😉

    • I choose to be happy: I´m a JKS´s Eel . I know your agony because I´m an eel too. Can you imagine being one of them in the middle of the Caribbean where everything smells like sexism and categorical definition? Can you imagine being an eel at my age, in my country, with my culture? It´s so hard, but no way I chose to be happy, I chose JKS. He is like my religion. I believe in him because he changed my life. maybe the road is hard and nobody understands me but I want to be happy. That’s why I chose to be an Eel and I´ll assume the consequences.
      Thank you Kailey for your beautiful response, thank you for expressing my feelings through your words. That’s the power of the prince. We are all connected, we love ourselves, we support each other. I’m so proud to be an Eel.

      I declare myself the dumbest of all dumb. I love JKS!

      • O..I so feel you sis.. eventhough I’m a chinese but growing up near the caribbean which seems a world apart from Asia..and to love someone like AP…how can one explain that; there are so many fishes in the sea; all those K poppers…but why him; well it’s like eating fish,tons of it or eating one very expensive delicate, hard to come by and difficult to eat King crab or abalone…we want that exquisite taste and feeling and that is AP..whatever he does, happy or sad, he thugs my heartstring and makes me feel alive… this could only be real LOVE, he really suits my heart..and I also choose to be Happy

  2. So sweet and touching! I have never been on his show, but I can imagine how it must have felt waiting for the concert, traveling, being there, watching him on a stage, having an overwhelming feeling of great happiness, and suddenly go back to everyday life again. So much has happend during his stay in China, and it feels so quiet now.

    But I don´t think eels should worry. It´s a holiday in Korea now. He is probably with his friends and family. I think Sukkie knows how much he is loved. He just need to send a message on a twitter or weibo, and gets several thousand “I love you” in a short time. 😉

    I like the letter. It´s almost like a poem. Love especially this part:
    “Maybe, when we stand behind you, you are unable to see us and become weak
    Then we will stand in front of you
    We will see you on 927”

    So sweet. Thanks for the translation and sharing. 🙂

  3. Same as many eels, I don’t know why but my tears are falling while just reading Mandy’s translation. Thanks again, Mandy. I can’t read the original Chinese, but you helped us to know her honest and touching love that represents eels. The way to show her love as an eel may sound too unique especially for his new fans. But as Sarah (aka Springsuk_USA) said, the relationship between Jang Keun Suk and eels is really unique and special. Reading this letter, I myself promised him my eternal love and support.

  4. Am speechless!!!!,this is a road I will take with no regrets,praying for him everyday,loving him both in good and bad times,always with him all the way in my heart.forever a proud eel.

  5. Reading this letter is like watching a very touching movie that will make you cry a river. I read the letter this morning, and unconscously my tears ran down in an instant. Like other eels, though I haven’t been to any of his shows, but the very first day I have learned about JKS, I promised my self that I will follow this guy to the very end. There might be times that I will lost in track, but I know that through the help and love of other eels, i will find my way back again. Loving him is like loving the partner or person we chose to be. When somebody asked me why i love the person I am with now, I lost for words. Just the same question I asked my self why I love JKS, I couldn’t explain it. Because loving someone real is not able to express it in words, but expressing it in thoughts and actions. Foolish eels… yeah, we are all fools by choosing to love JKS, but better be fool than not loving this guy. Now, though my friends and workmates find me weird, but I tell them about JKS whenever I get a chance. That’s how it feels, that’s how to love JKS… so eels, let’s take this hard road together with him. ZIKZIN forever!

    Thanks for the translation ECI. Thanks to the writer as well for saying it all… 😉

  6. It’s really hard to be an eel of JKS !!

    Before I thought this was only happens to me, since I am far from Asia geographically and culturally, that on the one hand, on the other hand, I have already advanced before in this blog that JKS is the only artist that I have followed throughout my life, even when I was teenagers!

    Firstly when I started talking about him to my family and my friends I see in their eyes a shocking look that makes me feel guilty!
    They often tell me that:
    -I Fell SO DOWN ……
    -What This guy who is neither man nor woman …..
    -I Gone mad … etc etc.

    Towards the end I learned to love him and cherish him out of sight of others ..
    But one day I started talking about him out loud and I say: I LOVE HIM WELL AND I RESPECTED HIS HARD WORK and No one is forced to be agree with me.
    When i choose to love and support JKS, I chose to swim against the current!

    Because I am a person who does not like the easy way , I chose to be an Eel 🙂

    To Every one have a happy sukie day/night and keep fighting !

  7. Mandy, Thank you for translating this heartfelt letter in English. I hope she mailed it to Sukkie. Zikzin, K -Eels! You are doing a great job supporting JKS! We are with you!

    Kailey & everyone, thank you for sharing your thoughts & feeling here. They are very touching & help me understand JKS & eels better. This is my 1st year following JKS so I have not gone through what many of you went through, but reading this letter & all your comments, I feel your deep love & commitment to him, your worries & pains. Zikzin ,Eels! JKS seems very smart & sensitive. I thinks he is well aware of his eels’ love, dedication, concerns, & disappointments, that’s why he works so hard the best he can to return their love & make them happy. Zikzin & let’s look forward to a happy & successful journey with JKS!

  8. Korean eel….Japanese eels…all of you I am really
    Jealous about you….you leave in a place that he stay and has concert and show….you have opportunity to see him…but it’s just my dream to come to your country and be in a place that he stay…it’s just my dream to see him jist for a moment…, I always pray to see him in my dreams…I’m so far from him…soooo faaaar….I leave in a place that peaple don’t know him….you know it’s too hard!!!!!! Whenever I have problem , I just see him in my little old computer and smile…can you undrestand what I feel!!!!!!

    • Bentana, it doesn’t matter where you are..as long Suk is able to reach you in a way; than your are part of his aim and dream..that knowledge alone makes him happy….
      Just like you knowing he is somewhere you can’t reach him or see him easily; it is the same way for prince.. He knows his eels are out there all supporting him each in there own way with whatever means they have but he can’t thank them enough nor do that in person..

      As long as he and eels are happy that is what matters most..
      Like him we try to dream a bigger dream and working hard to fulfill that dream…
      His eels are spread all over the world…one can dream and work hard to fulfill that dream just like him… to go and see him or the places he has been…Let’s ZIKZIN together with our dreams 🙂

  9. I just read the letter and the comments beneath, and is beautiful to see how people unify to spread love, our love for JKS. To be honest I never thought about how hard it is to be an Eel… maybe because this kpop world is something “new” in my life… maybe because I’m not so young, or maybe because in all my life I never felt so “normal”… And that’s ok because It taught me that the only opinion that matters is my own. Of course people look weird at me when I speak about JKS, but… I really couldn’t care less… If it makes me happy, if it make me to work harder and become a better version of me…. How can that be bad? Be strong eels around the world! Because we are here because we choose it, because we wanted it, and to support our love: JKS!

  10. JKS has the most wonderful eels by his side wherever in the world they maybe. JKS and eels always understand and support each other in their own different ways. The trust and bond between eels and JKS is very strong and it will remain like that for many years to come.


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