[Notice] Change of server & possible down-time

Dear friends,

As always, the bad news come with the good.

Bad News

My blog has to move to another server again, barely 2 months after my last move. Necessary because I’m uploading too many pics = = and am about to run out of space on this server, and another server in Singapore is offering much more space.

As a result of some domain DNS change needing about 2 days to fully take effect, what this means to you is that when you try to access my blog in the next 2 days, you may be directed to my old server, where there will be NO other updates after this notice.

If you see current updates, that means you have come to the new server. 🙂

I hope everything will be settled by Friday 15 April, because that’s when I will try to upload my recording of JKS attending the 15th Global Chinese Music Awards.

* NOTE: My blog address is still the same:

Good news

Er, that’s hopefully my blog doesn’t have to move again and I will have lots of server space to upload beautiful pics! ^^


5 thoughts on “[Notice] Change of server & possible down-time”

  1. Oh, it means that ur blog don’t access until 2 days…right?
    🙁 i miss ur blog…& for JKS’ ups, he he 🙂
    ok,, so wait until move to new server..anyway be success dear eel~~

  2. Hope everything will be fine! I don’t know how am I gonna survive without your blog for 2 days but I’ll do my best! Here’s to a better blog full of pictures 😉

  3. Hmmm… what should i do for theese 2 days without JKS updates?? aarrgghhh… but thats ok,for our better updates with lots of great pics and videos ^^ keep fighting dear aprael,thanks a lot for your hard work…!!


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