[2014-08-31] Tree-J twitter

[ZIKZIN MAN] ZIKZIN MAN has appeared in Shanghai!!
[직진맨] 상해에 나타난 직진맨!!

[ZIKZIN MAN] Shanghai fan meeting finished successfully.
[직진맨] 상해 팬미팅이 무사히 끝났습니다.

9 thoughts on “[2014-08-31] Tree-J twitter”

      • more surprising news is he reveal in zikzin man show..he receive vampire role.kyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!its every eel’s dream role for him.just hoping the script is good. i cant wait to know his next drama.what genre would he go for?

      • Did he actually say he accepted the role or is it just an offer?
        Also, I think he is preparing himself for some kind crime/detective production as he mentioned in one of the interviews that he is watching a lot films about a Japanese mafia. And from his interviews I know that when he prepares for a new role, he watches films with similar characters. Oh well, we will see. Whatever his next role is, it will be acted perfectly as he is an ingenious actor.

      • He said that in the Zikzin man show! Hehe, eels work fast. I have seen today a “movie poster” that look like “Twilight – New moon” with Sukkie as Edward, and PSH as Allice. I thought it´s just eels being creative. I didn´t now that´s a story behind that. LOL. 😀

      • I love the Twilight saga. If the story line & production with special effect are as good as TL, the K twilight would be very interesting. But I would prefer another good K actress wit JKS.

      • Baronowa..he dont mention about accepting that role.act..he got many scripts.so..I guess..he still on process of deciding.i just hope he get the right script.a role that perfect with him.

  1. Beautiful, stylish, adorable man! Look so good in a suit! But if I think better, he looks great in any outfit! He has a position of the body and the a kind to wear the clothes so that he beautifies any clothes! My Perfect Sweet Sukki ! <3 <3
    Yet there seems a little sad and tired. And rightly so … Take care of yourself dear Keun Suk ! <3


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