[article] “I WISH TO BRING MY SCRIPTS WHEN I AM IN MY COFFIN” Interview with South Korean Film Festival’s Ambassador, Jang Keun Suk

Original source: Mtime
English translation: Mandy Pan from ECI

I wish to bring my script when I am in my coffin. Born in 1987, debuted over 20 years, Jang Keun Suk described his dream in an interview with Time Network.
2014 Korean Film Festival opened on the 27th August in Beijing. As the ambassador of this festival, Korean actor Jang Keun Suk was in Beijing for Time Network interview. It was a change from a beautiful long hair, sexy man in the drama “You’re Beautiful” to this refreshing short hair, charming man in an all black suit that was simple yet dignified.
Starred in 7 movies and won the Best New Actor Award in BaekSang Arts Award for “Happy Life” (2007), Jang Keun Suk said he came for this exchange to introduce Korean films to Chinese audience, learn more about Chinese films and expressed his willingness to cooperate and work with Chinese film-makers.
And talking about his dreams, the born in 1987, he debuted 20 over years ago, Jang Keun Suk bluntly said “I want to bring my script with me when I am in my coffin” and he wants “a Jang Keun Suk in 10 years time as his own idol.”

After romantic comedy “You’re My Pet” in 2011, JKS has only “Love Rain” and “Beautiful Man” these two TV works for the audience. Three years without any new movie, he told reporters, “I do not deliberately distinguish between drama and film, I pay more attention to role. As for movie role, it is more impact and powerful, so I have all along been very selective in the movie I choose because I cherish every acting opportunity in a movie.”

Jang Keun Suk played a murderer in “The Case of the Itaewon Homicide”
He talked about his role in the big screen. The “murderer” in “The Case of the Itaewon Homicide” was a role he remembers vividly. Through this 2009 movie, JKS’s transformation from a sunny character to a “bad boy” role has impressed audience. In retrospect, JKS is not without gratitude to this role. He said, ” The Case of the Itaewon Homicide” has changed people perception of me, when previously a lot of people think of me as a handsome Flower Boy, because of this role, I receive the recognition of been an actor for the first time.”
It seems like he wants to change public perception of him as a handsome “Flower Boy”, and to prove his ability in acting, JKS shows his preference for villain. “Everyone thinks I am a handsome flower-boy, but with this face, i hope to interpret some unexpected role. This is meaningful and the reason why I choose to be an actor, role such as murderer, psycho-pervert or mental patient, I wanted to challenge all. ”

In the movie “Happy Life”, Jang Keun Suk played a lead singer with other veteran actors like Kim Yoon-Seok and showing his singing talent. JKS talked about “my first time feeling this great power of film, it allows me to see a new world of music.”
In 2011, Jang Keun Suk released his debut solo album, “Let Me Cry” in Japan which was ranked Top in the ORICON chart . Since then, Jang Keun Suk’s music career has been spiraling upwards favorably. At the same time of been this year Festival’s ambassador, his Asia Tour 2014 is also underway.

JKS enjoys his dual identities as “singer” and “actor”. He said, “Jang Keun Suk singing on stage and JKS acting in front of the camera are two completely different people. JKS in front of the camera, is acting the role of the script. Jang Keun Suk on stage is the real Jang Keun Suk , each exudes different charm. “He is able to express himself while singing onstage, whereas performing gave him more of a sense of responsibility and sense of accomplishment. “As an actor, I feel more responsibility using my acting to resonance with the audience, to give emotional purification, this makes me feel very rewarding.”

In the drama “You’re Beautiful”, Jang Keun Suk acted as a popular Korean lead singer in a band. With his singing and acting abilities, his role as Hwang Tae Kyung makes him famous in Asia. In China and Japan he attracts a large number of fans. Jang Kang Suk said bluntly, Hwang Tae Kyung in ” You’re Beautiful” and I are alike. “It was very comfortable to play him as I am also one who is very strict and have high expectation of myself.”

In recent years, whether in his work or public activities, he wore his hair long and finally has cut his hair. As for the reporter’s question which hairstyle he prefers, he said “I didn’t find long hair inconvenient, rather it was comfortable and I could comb it up. After cutting my hair for (Beautiful Man), I see myself in a new light. As an actor, I am constantly creating new personality, cutting my long hair of several years, allow me to see another me, I feel pretty good.”

While talking about his usual daily life, Jang Keun Suk talked of his love for cooking, he would go to the supermarket and follow his own ideas to cook dishes and never according to cookery book. “Compared to the ability to whip up good dishes, I prefer the cooking process, consider this my greatest hobby.”

Jang Keun Suk also revealed that his favorite movie is the recent “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Black comedy is his favorite movie genre, if there is a chance he wants to try this kind of movie. As for Korean movie, “A Moment To Remember” is one that caused him to shed the most tears. “I remember crying in the theatre, although it’s very sad, the film gives you a warm feeling in the end, I like movie that touches people.” On the issue of Chinese movies, Jang Keun Suk has a soft spot for action movies. “When I was young, I have seen a lot of Chinese films, gangster films, action films. If I have the opportunity to come to China to film, I like to act in movie by director Chen Kaige.”

tenshi_akuma’s note: Here’s the official trailer of The Grand Budapest Hotel, and A Moment To Remember.

Towards the end of the interview, the reporter asked, “of his future dream,” Jang Keun Suk thought for a moment and said, “I want to be able to bring my script into the coffin, thinking of my last work, studied my last role, which for me is the biggest dream.”

As for his own idol, JKS replied “none” but he hopes it will be “myself in 10-years time”.

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  1. This is Jang Keun Suk… the guy that we eels love so much… can’t be more proud of him. Wishing all the best of luck for his future projects <3. Thank you Mandy ECI for translating and Tenshi for posting 🙂

  2. Haha..his idol will be himself.i never thought someone could give that answer but we know this is jks.kkk..I wonder what movie he mention.gonna try to check.i had watched a moment to remember.really a great movie.if he want to act in action movie..I hope he will get a chances to work overseas.act..Im not a fan of korean action movie.

  3. Thanks Mandy for translating and Tenshi for posting this interview. So grateful to all of you for giving us all the joy coming from these overload of updates. Saying thank you is not enough!
    Suk is always the one and only JKS that we love. No other Korean artist has that kind of confidence to say that he himself is his idol! Go straight beautiful man… we will be here to cheer you up!

  4. Thank you so much Mandy and Tenshi! 🙂 I always like to read Sukkies interviews, and this one is really good. I love how he ended the interview sayng that he want to work as a actor till the end.

    He was good in “The Case of the Itaewon Homicide”. And he is playful and funny, so
    I can imagine him acting in a black comedy. I just hope he won´t take a role as psycho-pervert or mental patient in the next movie, but I will watch it anyway.

    • What a coincidence Suk talks about taking the role of a mental patient. There is a new drama about a man with multiple personalities, and while undergoing psychiatric treatment he learnt the truth of his family’s cruel past. It will air in January 2015. I think Suk has no activities scheduled for Nov and Dec. Maybe he will have a drama or movie hopefully a challenging one…

  5. So deep and very full with jks’s charisma. ♥
    All that I hope that’s he will be able to get a good script to prove his self as an actor in his motherland and regain the love and trust of his own country, because I’m sure you’ve seen in the opening radio in seoul that the opinion of his compatriots means a lot to him.
    I wish him a success unprecedented and without having to defend his choice.
    Without any doubts we :《rainbow eels》already knows that he his one of the best , but the confirmation of his homeland is required .
    So that he can denied all doubts about his abilities, his talent and his good choices.
    JKS fighting ! And everyone have a happy evening or night .

  6. It must be a difficult choice for an independent actor like Sukkie who likes challenges….to do what appeals to the mass to stay popular? or to do what really appeals to you but may not appeal to the mass? An actor who has contracts with big entertainment companies may not have the choice but takes what is decided by their company. In Sukkie’s case, it sounds like he makes his own decisions. His next movie or drama is going to be crucial in my opinion. He is going to need one with high ratings in Korea in order to stay popular. Popularity maintains/expands the fandom, brings in product endorsement contracts etc. (like YAB did for him). If I read correctly, both Love Rain & Beautiful Man did not get high ratings in Korea (which I still don’t understand why). I think he made the right decision with Love Rain. This drama had all the right ingredients to be a big success, but I don’t know what went wrong in Korea. I guess all we can do is wish him a lot of good luck this time 🙂

    Sukkie, wishing you good luck & all the best on your next movie/drama project, with a lot of love! Zikzin!

  7. The Grand Budapest Hotel looks hilarious. Definitely my type of humor. Very few people get this. However, A Moment to Remember made me sad. It reminded me of losing a sweet sister eel. I have been hoping that a movie will be his next project. He needs a challenge. Let’s hope he is able to see his dreams come true.

  8. really love jks n want to meet in real life …its my dream to come korea n meet him…. he is first actor of my life whom i like most……best wishes for every moment of life
    Stay blessed


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