[Video] ontv_20140830 (with text translation)

Original source: hk.news.yahoo.com
English translation: Mandy Pan from ECI

Korean artiste Jang Keun Suk was in Beijing to represent Korea in the Korean Film Festival 2014. Jang who has just had his lunar birthday received a 3-tier birthday cake and naturally he was surprised but happy. He wrote in his weibo : How many ties is this, oh well, this is in Beijing”. Earlier, Jang fulfilled his promise made that when his followers reached 10 millions he would go to China Great Wall. There’s a Chinese saying: You are not a good man if you have not gone up to Great Wall. Jang is finally a good man and had also done shuffle dance and eat dandan noodles. He pointed at his legs and said he had to walk so much that his legs are so painful. He’s so cute.

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  1. Thank you Mandy Pan! 🙂 What should we do without our kind eels?

    I still don´t understand why Sukkie ate dandan noodles on The Great Wall. Was it something he had promised too? Is that some kind of tradition to eat dandan noodles? 🙂 I´m just very curious about everything that has to do with Sukkie. 😉

    • Hi Zoe, yes, he promised to eat the noodles and dance the shuffle on the Great Wall. He promised to do it when he was asked by fans on the weibo chat in China last year.

  2. Hello! Im a big fan of JKS , I just wanna ask if you have twitter account? because i wanted to be updated also at twitter since i find this blog really updated abt activities of JKS. thanks in advance 🙂


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