8 thoughts on “[2014-08-14] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Thanks for the translation, Tenshi! Now I understand. He meant that! I thought that someone wrote an article about Suk, og he wasn´t happy about that. LOL 😀

    Why is he annoyed about that? They have just released the new album. Isn´t that a good thing when someone wrote about them?

    Very cute, again, BTW. Is it me, or JKS gets cuter and cuter every day. 😉

  2. O now I can understand fully…
    Suk is just interacting with his eels through twitter..
    For people to write articles…why he don’t have the nerve or decency to contact him for a good interview?
    Then you get the words direct from the mouth of the horse in the right context..
    But heee…he can’t do nothing about it since twitter is public

  3. You’re right Mamacri. Sometimes its hard to understand how could they do it for a living. Though it’s part of their job but they should also respect the people/person involved. I hope this thing won’t annoy Sukkie so much to the point that he withdraw his twitter account. ;(


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