[2014-08-14] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2014-08-14 22:04:44
Thank you, a-nation!
TEAM H this year’s 2nd appearance for summer festival, a-nation ended successfully.
Thank you so much!
We’ve had a great time with their performance this year as well.
All thanks to your support (^_^)

See you soon again for a longer time in TEAM H tour that starts in October~!

By the way, LAWSON pre-order period has started since yesterday!
If you haven’t got their tickets, please hurry!


TEAM H appearance in a-nation will be broadcast in ‘PON’ tomorrow.
There will be comments by handsome TEAM H. Please don’t miss it!

In addition!

On Saturday,
TEAM H appearance in a-nation and their comments will be aired on M-ON TV ‘CDET’!
You’ll regret if you miss to see it!

Then, everyone, have a good night!

7 thoughts on “[2014-08-14] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. O..Wow..so happy we get to see Team H performing in A nation…twice??
    How to watch?? otherwise have to wait untill somebody upload plz plz plz

    So happy all went well

    • me too! Apayo! Is so sad not to be there. Hajiman at the same time I am very happy for them. Well done Team Happy. You are in my heart.


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