[fan’s art] Thumb TH (TEAM H) series / ZUSHI Road

Credits: @fmemf (mamegohan)
English translation: tenshi_akuma

The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or organization.
Episode 1:
1) This is a short story about Thumb Keun who is heading for ZUSHI in search of bikinis… Thumb Keun met ‘Thumb BB’ who has similar ears to him.

2) Keun: Are you heading for Zushi, too? Shall we go together?
BB: Yeah. Alright.

3) Keun: Wait there, bikinis!
BB: By the way, what is the float? It doesn’t bother you?

4) ~Thumb Keun looks sharply at BB.~
tenshi_akuma’s note1: The last Suk look is like ‘golgo 13’.. before eels were talking about ‘Raining on the dance floor’ Suk look is like him. An eel made the parody LINE sticker. Do you remember?
tenshi_akuma’s note2: Eels are guessing the reason why Thumb Keun is wearing a float…. to hide his baby belly??? kkkkk Actually his baby belly is still there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Episode 2:
1) Keun: Ah~ Too hot~!!
BB: Why don’t you put the float away?

2) Keun: Hey. If you see someone wearing a float, will you say the same thing? Usually we leave it unsaid.

3) BB: *muttering Usually people don’t wear a float…

4) ~Thumb Keun looks sharply at BB again like golgo 13.~

Episode 3 (final one):
1) Keun: Finally arrived~! OK, then, let’s do it!
BB: What?

2) Keun: Excuse me, beautiful lady!
Woman: Kya~~~!! Kawaii (How cute) โ™ฅ

3) Keun: To tell the truth, he lost his float. Can you help us to find it?
BB: What??

4) Exchanges between Keun and woman
– W: Oh, no!! Alright. I will help you.
– K: Thank you! By the way, are you coming here alone?
– W: No. I’m waiting for my friend.
– K: Oh, is it OK?
– W: Don’t worry. I sent her LINE message.
– K: And.. well…
– W: What’s wrong?
– K: That’s OK. Forget it.
– W: What? Tell me.
– K: Well… because we’re small, I’m worried to be stepped on. So… if possible, can I your…?
BB: That float is an item to pick up hot girls?? [BB has a golgo 13 look!]

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    • haha..eels will keep teasing his belly.ottoke? keun suk should working hard to get rid of it.kkkk…its obvious when he cover his belly tenshi..u didnt expect that? of course he will say its his new style.kkk..he always come with good reasoning.

  1. Totally cute! thanks for sharing and translating, tenshi <3. I love mamegohan's work! now i'm going to google 'golgo 13' hehe…


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