[article] Fans from Guayaquil (Ecuador) celebrated South Korean Jang Keun Suk (Ecuador newspaper ‘El Telégrafo’)_20140804

Original source: El Telégrafo
The Summary by Isab Eel (Ecuador eel) from ECI

Today, South Korean artist Jang Keun Suk turns 28. Different fan clubs carried out various activities and Ecuador was no exception.

On Saturday August 2nd, a group of young (EelsEcuador) organized a “chiva” to celebrate the birthday of JKS, on Guayaquil… Gradually fanclub members climbed in the “Piragua” (name of the “chiva”) … including although few men in their ranks too .. adorned with gold balloons, streamers and banners from his idol inside and outside transport.

Everyone sang, danced and jumped with the songs of JKS that the DJ let it ring. The copilot of the “chiva” driver told them why not put reggaeton and if any of them were Korean. One of the members of the fan club replied that none of them comes from that country but anyway love and follow the Asian culture; also they will not accept reggaeton hear.

Then, in unison interpreted the ‘Happy Birthday’, but in Korean, a language they have learned mostly self-taught. ChivatK: buses are used for rolling parties. The party ended in the Malecón del Salado, its members released balloons with good wishes. It was an almost perfect night, only missed Sukkie to celebrate.


From Isab Eel:
On Saturday we had a party on a bus through the city. I share a video we did. It’s dark because the camera did not help us, but you can hear the joy we share Sukkie’s birthday.

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