[2014-08-03] CRI-J staff twitter


[Jang Keun Suk birthday sharing photo exhibition]
To our surprise, Actor Jang visited us. Thank you!!

[장근석 생일축하 나눔 사진전] 깜짝 방문해 주신 장배우님 감사합니다!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Unfortunately his autograph was written on the wall… CRI-J staff has to clean it after the exhibition… T_T

Today is the final day of Jang Keun Suk sharing photo exhibition.
Last admission is 3:00 pm.
Come quickly 😀

장근석 나눔 사진전 마지막날 입니다.
3시에 입장 마감합니다.
빨리 오세요 😀

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