[Video] INNERview Ep126 Top celebrity photographer, ZO Sun-hi (Jang Keun Suk part only)

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Jang Keun Suk part only

ZO Sun-hi, the acclaimed female photographer who is recognized for her brilliant and creative photographs!

Jennifer Clyde, the new host of The INNERview, met with photographer ZO Sun-hi as her first guest to learn how she became one of the top photographers, whom every top celebrity wants to work with.

Surprisingly, the brilliant photographer didn’t actually major in Photography. She joined a photography club in university, where she discovered her intense passion for the art and decided to pursue it as her career. After graduating from university, she worked under the famous photographer KIM Jung-man as his assistant before opening her own studio and starting to work on independent projects. Since then, she has been working with top celebrities and taking mostly portrait photographs for movie posters and ads for the past 20 years.

To avoid being stereotyped against for not having specialized in the field in her university years, ZO Sun-hi devoted more time and effort than any other in order to continually upgrade herself and raise the quality of her works. She feels intense euphoria every time she presses the shutter-release button, and says that she’d like to take photographs as long as she lives.

Tune into The INNERview to learn the inspiring story of ZO Sun-hi, who climbed her way up to the top, as well as the behind-the-scene stories of working with top celebrities such as LEE Jung-jae, JUNG Woo-sung, LEE Byung-hun and JANG Keun-suk!

Full interview video

9 thoughts on “[Video] INNERview Ep126 Top celebrity photographer, ZO Sun-hi (Jang Keun Suk part only)”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Tenshi. Sukkies part is really great. He is always nice to his friends.

    We could hear a little bit of ” Take me” and “Raining on the dance floor” in the background. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this…This must be very recent for I hear Team H album in the background…looking at the kind of pics..it should be something for Lotte
    I love their relationship, they have really grown up together; the way Sukkie talks about her…so loving, so mature. I’m happy he has such a friend in business; they love each other like good beyond good family

  3. He expressed his feelings so naturally. It is his good nature and happy temperament that make him so loving and caring. This man is not only beautiful from outside, there are still a lot of treasures that need to be discovered by his colleagues, friends, and fans. I just wish someone as nice and sweet as him discover the treasure within this Prince of ours and learn to love him deeply. I just simply love and admire him from head to toes.

  4. Btw, I love the full video. It shows how talented Zo Sun Hi, the lady photographer is. I love her photographs and her arts.

  5. Thanks for the story Ms Tenshi , lovely person like My PrinceJKS appreciate all co-worker and people around him

  6. Thanks Tenshi for sharing this. Full interview is very interesting but for us, the most important part is that it appears Keun Suk and talk about lady photographer. Both are well matched. Both are creative, free spirits and minds are open. As the reporter says, the two make an incredible team after years of working together and make perfect pictures. This photographer working with Keun Suk ever since he was a child. Being a real professional, she found his sensual side and formed him in this sens. She knew what to do and managed to put in a favorable light that favors him and Keun Suk stood up to expectations and even exceeded them.
    It is worth noting that Keun Suk is the only of the stars who talks about this lady in this interview. Between the two was created a special relationship and I believe that she has contributed greatly to the development of Keun Suk and gave him self-confidence.
    In old clips I found that she appreciates very much his creativity, his intelligence and professionalism.
    Moreover, all those who have worked over the years had only words of appreciation for Keun Suk, characterizing him as a real professional, full of creativity and good sense.
    This is our Prince that I am very proud and I have great confidence in his future that he builds with hard work, with determination and courage.


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