[video] Showbiz Korea: Rock Band “Transfixion” Praised JKS on Working in movie “Happy Life”

Original source: Ariang Showbiz Korea

Credit: Uploader

Part of the band “Transfixion” talking about JKS starts from 3:14min to 4:20min

The following the video JKS plays and sings the song in the movie “Happy Life”. It was just like they talked about him in the previous video. He did great to portray main vocal of a rock band in “Happy Life”

This video is when he sang the OST in a award ceremony.

9 thoughts on “[video] Showbiz Korea: Rock Band “Transfixion” Praised JKS on Working in movie “Happy Life””

  1. JKS was great then. He is sensational & unique now! He is remarkable. He is amazing!

    Thank you for sharing, 4ever team!

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I love when people that have been working with him are talking so nice about him. This time coming from professional singers,it is quite impressive. It would be of great help for him to be aware of their opinions.Probably he knows it all well,already. But why are they saying that they can’t get in touch with him nowadays? It sounds like he wouldn’t answer their phone call or something like that. I guess they were only joking. Or maybe because he is not that active in Korea,as singer or actor,but abroad.

  3. jks has really worked hard. he’s a result-oriented man. it means, in my opinion, that jks is really that distant star for them now. he worked with them before he became k-wave star surpassing that moment when they have worked together. jks remains the same confident, warm and nice man. u can contact him if u want transfix. i also like your music.

  4. JKS really enjoys to be on the stage and be watch by lots of people. His love and passion on his craft are evident in his every movements and actions. I wonder if there are other actor or star like him! He is really one of a kind. Hope that he’ll be an inspiration to aspiring actors, artist, and musicians. Jack of all trades! Master of all! Lol! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • yes Christine, even he knew how to perform in a award stage back then. The audiences seemed to enjoy – by moving part of their bodies- their performance as well.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Springsuk. 🙂 I love when Sukkie sings rock songs, like this one, and “Take care, my bus”, and some of the songs from “Just crazy” album. Sukkie always works hard, and tries to improve himself.

    I don´t really think the guy from Transfixon has tried to get in touch with Sukkie. He is just saying that JKS is bigger star now than they are. He´s trying to be funny, i think. 🙂


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