[2014-07-14] TEAM H 5 days talk Part1

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TEAM H, formed by Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER is a unit that is earnestly having fun!?
Part.01 About TEAM H & new album

TEAM H released a single that has a bit different tastes from their previous works, which has injected some fresh air into TEAM H activities by Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER. What is their goal in TEAM H activities now?

I don’t want you to misunderstand us, but I dare say we do it for fun. We don’t do it for business purposes.

── I think TEAM H concerts are very unique. I feel like as if I attended a party with you, not just saw a concert as the audience.

BIG BROTHER: Yes. That’s what we want to make it.
JKS: In that sense, I’m afraid we are not kind.

── What do you mean?

JKS: Because we just do what we want to do. If you like it, it would be nice though.

── I understand what you mean to say. I can see you’re more mischievous in TEAM H than in your solo concerts.

JKS: Ah, that might be true. In TEAM H concerts, I want you to see how much we are having fun, rather than making an appeal of our music. By doing so, I want you to enjoy TEAM H ourselves. We’ve been doing with this kind of idea, so I’m trying not to feel pressure such as ‘we should succeed!’ when I act as TEAM H. Once I start to think of it, I can’t enjoy myself.
BIG BROTHER: I think very little about popular appeal or business purposes. Doing our favorite music as we want to do is our main theme in TEAM H activities.
JKS: I don’t want you to misunderstand us, but I dare say we do it for fun. We don’t do it for business purposes. It doesn’t mean we don’t do earnestly.

── Sometimes we’re more serious not for business purposes.

BIG BROTHER: Right! That’s TEAM H. We’ve enjoyed ourselves on each moment such as MV shootings and interviews, in a good sense. That’s why we can release ourselves freely in TEAM H.
── Your new album ‘Driving to the highway’ is full of your motto ‘doing what we want to do’. It has a variety of songs compared to your previous two albums.

JKS: There are a lot of songs that show our new sides. Of course, there are still some songs that succeed to our past style.
BIG BROTHER: I thought it was not good to keep doing the same things. But we didn’t force ourselves to change our style. To keep doing what we want to do naturally led us to this ‘Driving to the highway’.

11 thoughts on “[2014-07-14] TEAM H 5 days talk Part1”

  1. I agree with JKS AND BIG BROTHER, your music is so fun! I an see you guys having fun together and sharing it with all of us your fans. But I would like to see Jang keun suk singing his beautiful old romantic songs like in the drama: “you’re beautiful” right there I fell in love with opa, Jang keun suk I love you for real!!! I will love you for ever and I will be patient and wait for you, I know that some day we will ind each other and live for ever together. We are the perfect match I can assure you that!!!

  2. thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi!
    indeed this year’s album is such a variety I was starting to wonder why and then I thought it’s probably because these are the types of songs that they enjoy now.
    it was a relief to read this article! now i am sure they have not lost their purpose to have fun and just share their joy!
    Team H fightin’!!

  3. thank you for the translation. looking forward to the next parts

    A bit story of mine. Some people love electro music, some others do not. I belong to the latter, and I am not really into music tbh. However, many eels here recommend the others to try to check Team H’s songs. I didnt hv the gut to try at first, except beautiful change, but just now I listened the old songs, such as party tonight, liquor shot, and feel the beat. They’re great imo. The new Team H’s songs are lighter but share the same level of greatness.

    I would say BB is really music genius and Mr. Jang is really lucky to have him in the team.

    Team Hen, you did great jobs. I can see you guys are havin fun.

    p.s. I miss Mr Jang as the actor. hoping a surprise news from him.

    • I didn´t love electronic music before either, Rham. And I don´t know what happend. I watched a Team H concert on YT, and have been trapped for life. Lol 😀

      I think it´s becaouse we can feel they have a good time when they are together. I know that BB makes the songs. But I would say that he is happy to have JKS with him. I think that Sukkie is one who gives originality and that little extra to Team H. He mesmerises the audience with his singing, dancing and talking. He is just born to do it.;)

      Thank you for the translation, Tenshi! You are one and only!!! Sukkie keeps you really busy with his activities 🙂

    • Rham & Zoe,

      I didn’t like electro music neither, & I still don’t in general, but I do like the 3 songs that they have just released, except for a small music section of “Take Me”. I would prefer that they arranged that section differently. Anyway, Team H’s concerts this year should a lot of fun.

      I miss JKS the actor too 🙁 Come back soon please!

      • Me too.to tell the truth I dont have any team h song on my phone.kkk..i have to watch the live performance to totally enjoy the song. I think I will like this third album.maybe..this album is not so electronic maybe.

    • Zoe, yeah you’re right they are lucky to have each other. It reminds me of Hong Sisters’ interview,the duo writers for You’re Beautiful drama, of the recipes of how they make successful dramas. They said no other writers have the same IQ as them that their total IQ is 200 since each sister has 100. It’s like BB and Mr. Jang who put the best in each other to create fantastic Team H.

      Amyli, I think I know what you mean by “small music section of “Take Me””.:)

      Suka, we’re the opposite. I still have to encourage myself to watch their live performances. It’s just not yet, am not ready yet. 🙂

  4. Thanks for all this video,I love everything about my PrinceJKS involvement as himself or gang up with BB absolutely love all of it,he just amazing person indeed

  5. Love this interview…fun to read this and so non K bizz like…doing for fun not concepted and not for the money nor fame…daebak TEAM H armony


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