[Notice] Twitter event planned for the promotion of TEAM H album ‘Driving to the highway’

Twitter event was planned by Eels Colombia and Latin Eels to promote TEAM H 3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’. The details are as follows. You can use their pre-made image for this project. Of course, your original one can be also used for this event. If you’re interested in this event, let’s have fun together, eels~ ^^

On July 16, join us on twitter with 3 goals, share the video of our project, our photos and also support the album release team h with the hashtag #TEAMHDrivingtothehighway later give the time of the event of this day.

Hashtag #TEAMHDrivingtothehighway

The event will start inSouth Korea on July 16 at 00hs
Japan: oo.oo HS 16/07/2014

In Argentina and Uruguay The event will start at 12PM on July 15
Chile: 11 am July 15
Paraguay: 11 am July 15
Panama: 10 am July 15
Colombia 10 a.m.del July 15
El Salvador: 9 am July 15
Brasil – São Paulo July 15 at 11 am
10 a.m Mexico (Mexico City time) on 15 July
Perú (Lima) 10 a.m July 15
Ecuador (Quito by schedule) 10 am July 15
Bolivia (La Paz Time) 11:00 a.m July 15
Nicaragua 9pm July 15
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 11.00 am July 15
Venezuela 11:30 am July 15
Spain: 5 pm July 15
East Coast USA 11:00 a.m.
Pacific America 8 a.m.
Philippines / Singapore 11 p.m.
China: 11 p.m.
Indonesia 10 p.m.
Bangladesh 9 pm (21hs)15 July
Thailandia: 10 pm (22 hs) 15 July
Malasia: 11pm (23hs) 15 July
India: 08:30 PM (20:30) 15 July
Iran : 06:30PM (18:30) 15 July
Sri Lanka 8:30p.m. (20:30) 15 July

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