[News] Some BTS Story of Making “Take Me” MV_20140624

Credit: Kpopn
Translated by Hazy Lee and Sarah Ye

Team H New Album Will Be Released on July 17
Jang Keun Suk and Big Brother aka TeamH will be releasing their 3rd album “Driving To The Highway”.

The MV of the hit song “Take Me”was filmed in Jeju Island, as Jang Keun Suk himself personally likes Jeju very very much. He feels Jeju is really beautiful, it does not feel like in Korea, but more like an exotic island. And the feeling was exactly he got when he first time heard the song “Take Me” — it feels like running on the green prairie, just as shown on the MV.

A scene in the MV where Jang Keun Suk and BB was lying in the wilderness, the shooting place is a place which is famous for its unique terrain in Jeju, called “嶽” (yu). They had to apply for special permission to film there as it was typically not allowed. When they got in there, Jang Keun Suk felt the place is full of fantasy, because of this magical touch that made the MV is more special. The filming process was satisfying and happy!

The Album was originally planned to be released on July 09, in order to add more rich content to the album, it has postponed to July 16. The preorder dates changed from July 2 to July 14. June 25, Oceanbutterfly Music will release English version “Take Me” and “As Time Goes By” all over Asia. Are you looking forward to it?

張根碩與 Big Brother 共組的 Team H 推出第三張專輯「Driving to the highway」,主打歌 “Take Me” 特地前往濟州島拍攝!
新專輯主打歌特地選在濟州島的原因是因為張根碩個人非~ 常非常喜歡濟州島。據悉,張根碩每次到濟州島都感歎濟州島真是太美,完全不像在韓國,是一個充滿了異國風味的島嶼,而這感覺就和他第一次聽到 “Take Me” 的感覺一樣 ─ 一種在綠色大草原上盡情奔跑的感覺,而 MV 導演也充分的將這種感覺給拍攝出來。
MV 中,張根碩和 Big Brother 躺在曠野上的取景地是濟州島上以奇特地形而著名的,一個名為「嶽」的地方。原為禁止進入的「嶽」是因為工作組特別申請才得以進入拍攝。進到裡面時,張根碩覺得裡面完全是一個充滿幻想的空間,也正是因為有了這個神秘的地方讓 MV 加分了不少,而且拍攝過程也讓大家非常滿足、開心呢!
台壓版專輯原訂7月9日發行,為了讓專輯內容更加豐富特地將發行日延後到7月16日,預購期間更動為7月2日至14日,明天 (6月25日) 海蝶音樂就會同步全亞洲數位搶先上架英文版《Take me》與單曲《As time goes by》!大家是不是都很期待呢!

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  1. Such a beautiful place.. The music, scenery and Team H melody melted together and gave that very wonderful feeling.. Makes you want to run with them and be care free.. Really love the Take Me MV~~ it’s light and refreshing.!^^

  2. Thank you so much for the translation. 🙂 It´s interesting to know that they had to apply for special permission to film there. It must be good for Jeju that Team H have make “Take me” MV there. Sukkie always promotes Korea. I hope that Koreans notice and appreciate it.

    I really love “As times goes by” too. Love actually all the 3 songs. Looking forward to the album. 🙂


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