Vol.1 Video interview at shooting site of MV!Being with a horse, Keun-chan…
TEAM H, a unit formed by Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER released their new song ‘Take me’ on June 25th after about one and four months interval. In addition, on July 16th, their new album ‘Driving to the highway’ will be released! To celebrate the release, they start a serial of TEAM H on ORICON STYLE! For the first time, TEAM H interview video shot in Jeju Island where their MV ‘Take me’ was also filmed. They took time out from their busy schedule to share us the secret stories ♪

TEAM H interview video arrived!

We’re inviting questions to Jang Keun Suk!
We’re inviting questions by subject that you want him to write a column on. Among your questions, he will answer some in the column later. From his private to business topics, you must take this opportunity to ask him directly.

【A fixed application period for questions】 From June 25th (Wed) 17:00 to July 2nd (Wed) 17:00

Please write your questions about each subject.
Q1: About artist activities (ex. Episode about making music)
Q2: About actor activities (ex. Episode while shooting the latest drama)
Q3: About Jang Keun Suk in the future (ex. Dreams or goals)
Q4: About childhood (ex. What kind of boy you were?)
Q5: About visits to Japan (ex. What do you often do staying in Japan?)
Q6: About his roots (ex. Favorite artists or movies)
Q7: About travel (ex. Favorite places or countries)
Q8: About life (ex. Episode of being a close star friend)
Q9: About your pet (aka Suni) (ex. Do you often go for a walk together?)

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