[Voting update] 15th GCMA

As of 11 April, 1.18 pm China time

1. Jang Keun Suk 62,220 votes
2. Kim Hyun Joon 27,672 votes
3. Hyun Bin 3,342 votes

Thanks to all the eels who are voting, JKS is leading by a wide, wide margin! And even better news is that I can access the GCMA website during the day today, and hopefully that is the same case for all of you, which means that we can continue voting for JKS!

If we continue to vote, there is no reason why JKS will lose!

For specific instructions on how to vote, please go to this post.

15 thoughts on “[Voting update] 15th GCMA”

  1. Besides PC, can use handphone to vote too. I did that during last Sat & Sun coz my office blocked the access. I will cont’ to vote at home during nite time….. I hope our JKS will attend on that day & proud of the eels support


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