12 thoughts on “[Twitter] From JKS’ friend TW”

  1. Has any eel ever commented on JKS’s fingers? I have noticed long ago that he has very beautiful, long, slender fingers with nice nails. Pretty things do come in a full package !! So jealous…

      • And in MSOAN when MGY wanted to knit gloves for him and held his hand to check the size
        beautiful long fingers * envious of MGY *

  2. Luv him more every time he wear that cap,looks more masculine.and about those beautiful fingers…yes i do agree,but most of asian guys usually have those kind of fingers rite?

  3. about the those hands… i love guys with very clean hands, nails, feet and toes… and he has all of those, right?! waaahhh!!! i love him sooo much! 😀


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