[2014-06-25] HS Media Weibo

Credit: HS Media Weibo
Jang Keun Suk together with Big Brother put on a fresh style look went to Jeju island made new single “Take Me” MV. Today the English version of this single and another song “As Time Goes By” has been released as the first step of Team H return in this summer. On June 30, the Chinese version “Take Me” will be released too. Is every eel looking forward to it? (Please click the link to enjoy the song): http://y.qq.com/#type=song&id=7013052
@张根硕 携手Big Brother玩转小清新,亲赴济州岛拍摄的《Take ME》今天正式公布英文版单曲及另一首新曲《As Time Goes By》正式作为TEAM H今夏回归的第一步。而6月30日,中文版《Take ME》也将随之公开,各位鳗鱼们是否很期待呢!http://t.cn/RvTQe4B

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      • Yes they are! Amyli, for sure.
        Always when I see my prince all the beautiful songs of the world come to my mind and I wanna sing it for him. Lol. It is a joy that I can´t explain very well, at least in english Lol.

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