12 thoughts on “[2014-06-25] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. How’s it going? Well… Perhaps it has been tough and hard for some of us, but you always keep us inspired and make it through ’till the end of the day. You always show us that there’s always a bright end waiting even the way seems dark. You teach us how to be strong and straightforward though the loads are quite unbearable. Because of these, we always find time to smile and be happy. How about you? How’s it going? We hope that you will always be strong. Remain as what you are now, keep your feet on the ground, and be the honest and true person that we all love. Stay healthy so you can still fulfill the dreams and goals that you have set. And though the road that you are taking is quite rough and bumpy, just continue to ZIKZIN forever! We love you Prine Sukkie! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You say it so well, Christine! Ditto here.

      It’s going much better now that I know you, Sukkie! Hope & pray that all is well for you too. Love you. Zikzin!

  2. Well said, Christine! Life is full of up and down. Stay healthy is the most important factor. Without health, nothing can be achieved, so quit smoking! Honest and truth will lead to good days. Find healthy ways to relieve stress in life. Find one who is able to share and take care of you through your life is important! Take care, stay happy and don’t give yourself too much stress. The world is so wide!

    • Thanks Amily and Violet! That is how I personally feel towards our Prince. And I know each and everyone of us here feels the same way. Honestly, though it’s quite impossible to meet him in person, I feel like his not so distant. He’s like a brother, a friend, and needless to say, a very special person for me. Maybe because I can see myself on him, that’s why I can really relate to him. Sounds funny, but it’s the way it is. lol! 😀 😀 😀 Good night everyone! Let’s meet on neverland! 😉

      • Christine, funny that you said that. I too see some of myself in him, I guess that’s why I was drawn to him & can relate to him just as you said. Maybe other eels feel the same way. Beside, he has many qualities that I really admire.

        Have a great day!

  3. It´s the release day. I hoped that we would get a lot of messages from Sukkie today, but he has sent us just a picture of his arm. Ok, I admit I´m happy to see anything about Sukkie. 😉

    Where is he? It´s looks like a restaurant to me. I thought that he would be in Japan today because of the realise of “Take me”, but there´s no signs of it.

      • Don´t you see it Amyli, the arm in the black sleeve on the right side, behind the bottles? Maybe you should see it on a bigger screen. He says: “It´s me”, so I assume it´s his arm. Don´t you see it now? Am I the only one who see it? LOL 😀

      • Zoe, I don’t think it’s his arm. His arm looks much prettier 🙂 hehe….everything about him looks prettier than other men’s 🙂

    • I agree on that Amyli, everything about him looks much prettier. 🙂 What can I say on a good argument like that? Hehe 😀 I have no other evidence. You would be a good lawyer. 😉

      Have a nice Sukkie day! Or maybe night? ( It´s morning here.) 🙂


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