[Schedule] TEAM H PARTY ‘Raining on the dance floor’ 2014 arena tour in Japan

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【TEAM H PARTY ~Raining on the dance floor~】

TEAM H arena tour in 4 cities across Japan will start soon.
TEAM H sound taken place from the center stage will unite the audience on that day.
‘TEAM H’, a project group formed by Jang Keun Suk and his music partner and sound producer, BIG BROTHER will have a nationwide arena tour again this year! With their 3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’ released on July 16th, they will perform electronic music at 8 stages in 4 cities of Japan. You’ll enjoy their distinctive view of the world mixed with rock and electronic music and JKS’ natural self at TEAM H PARTY. Their aggressive and stimulating performance on the center stage is a must-see!
Nippon Gaishi Hall [Nagoya] / October 1 (Wed), 2014
Nippon Gaishi Hall [Nagoya] / October 2 (Thur), 2014
Marine Messe Fukuoka [Fukuoka] / October 11 (Sat), 2014
Marine Messe Fukuoka [Fukuoka] / October 12 (Sun), 2014
Saitama Super Arena [Saitama] / November 1 (Sat), 2014
Saitama Super Arena [Saitama] / November 2 (Sun), 2014
Osaka-jo Hall [Osaka] / November 26 (Wed), 2014
Osaka-jo Hall [Osaka] / November 27 (Thur), 2014

Lucky 300 winners selected in a drawing among those who buy the ticket will be invited to TEAM H HALLOWEEN PARTY held on October 31st! Please enjoy the unprecedented night with Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER, with a masquerade dress!


13 thoughts on “[Schedule] TEAM H PARTY ‘Raining on the dance floor’ 2014 arena tour in Japan”

  1. I like the album cover, and Sukkies “Raining on the dance floor” look. He looks a litte bit older than on “Take me” -cover. I like his “Take me” look too. But this is more Team H look – glittery, cool, and untamed. 🙂

    Lucky blue eels! I have seen Team H concerts only on DVD and YT, and I would so like to see it live. Sukkie is always tireless, dances around all the time, and interacts with the audience. It must be a great feeling to actually be there, and feel the energy. I felt little bit sad yesterday when I read about the arena tour. It´s just one more thing I can´t attend. 🙁

    But I´m happy for you! Hope to see a lot of new concerts videos on YT. They will probaly make a new dvd too. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi! Would you know if the special Halloween raffle is only for those holding Nov1 Saitama Concert tickets? and only for Japanese OFC members? or for everyone who bought tickets for all locations?

  3. Ohhh Dats really nice… Sad can’t make it… All d best big brother n my love Jks… Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u team H… Lots of love from India.

    • His Korean official fan club CRI-J recruits new members only once a year. I suppose at the end of this year, they will start to announce about CRI-J 6. Please wait for a while.


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