[article] ‘Asia Prince’ Jang Keun Suk drops new single ‘Take Me’!

Original source: http://www.meradio.sg/musicportal/musicNews/asia-prince-jang-keun-suk/1153362.html

This is from Singapore news.
Following his collaboration with music label Ocean Butterflies on Team H’s I Just Wanna Have Fun album, Jang Keun Suk is set to return to the music scene with the release of his brand-new English single ‘Take Me’.

The music video of the title track sees the Bel Ami star shedding his usual dark, edgy image for a sunnier side of himself we haven’t seen in a while. The single will be dropped in five countries – China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan – on June 30.

Besides the new single, fans of Team H can also expect the duo’s sophomore album, Driving to the Highway, on July 9. According to Ocean Butterflies, the group is expected to tour around the region for promotion of the album.

Bel Ami is currently showing on Channel U at 10pm on Mondays to Fridays.

12 thoughts on “[article] ‘Asia Prince’ Jang Keun Suk drops new single ‘Take Me’!”

  1. It’s all in a day work…very good news this album will be dropped in 5 countries..
    Hope they will tour these countries also with their party..
    Can’t wait to hear all the songs..
    I so love TAKE ME… such a catchy, uplifting song

  2. This song is really awesome! Can’t stop listening on this just like my other favorite, “Save Me”. Tenshi sis, I have to tell you this… Since the day I found this blog, it became a part of my daily routine, needless to say, part of my life. lol! The last thing I would do before I close my eyes is to visit this blog, same as the first thing as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. What could we do without this blog and without your team? Thank you so much and stay healthy and more power! Zikzin! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I hope will have the tour nearby my country too :). And still waiting when Bel Ami will broadcast in Malaysia.

  4. Very good news with this awesome song and famous singer will rise to the top GOD BLESS YOU my Princejks ,thanks for all of pics and news

  5. hi, christine and other eels! like you, i start and end my day visiting this blog for news and videos of our prince…i want always to be updated with our Prince’s whereabouts and activities. i have a wireless mouse and my computer is perennially hooked up to my TV so i get to watch our Prince on the big screen. wow! seeing him really makes me happy…i work at home and i check this blog every 2 hours…thank you so much, tenshi…you’re very blessed because you see our prince often…

    i first knew him february of last year through love rain but he has influenced my life so much..nowadays, i no longer hesitate to go after my dreams ( that i have set aside for so long)….like he said, we must continually dream… and be prepared to tackle our dreams..he has so many inspiring words…i have copies of 3 compilations of his words prepared by eels club international …you must read to know more about his personality…i’ve used his many insights to make me enjoy life and appreciate myself and my family more… he is such an admirable character who is not afraid to go against the trend…he is so loved by people who work with him… and by us eels,of course. i just hope he realizes how much he serves as an inspiration to us…

    • Tam…you are a certified eel..
      you must read, listen and watch him more to learn about his personality..what you see is what you get..totally genuinely him…he inspires us as he lives his life..dare to dream and achieve your own dream…you are your own and only enemy and competitor


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