20 thoughts on “[Pic] Agent Jang Keun Suk official poster”

  1. Love Agent JKS . Just seeing the poster makes me smile. Looking forward to Wednesday. 😉

    I hope that you will translate the third episode when you get the chance, Tenshi. We will wait patiently.:)

    • I finally started to subtitle it. I was busy last weekend, but I hope I can finish in couple of days.

      • Dear Tenshi,

        You & your team do a fantastic job with this blog. It feels like home sweet home & there is plenty for us to do, watch, read, & go gaga 🙂 so please take your time & don’t worry. We rainbow eels are very grateful for all that you & team do! Millions of thanks to all you do!

        Take good care of yourself too.

        Zikzin & Happy Sukkie Day 🙂

  2. Tenshi, we so appreciate your work on helping us rainbow eels understand these shows, articles,interviews, etc. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these translations. All over the world we are enjoying the results of your efforts. You’re my hero for taking such good care of us and adding to our enjoyment of our Prince.

    • Yep…agree winny we can’t thank the Sukangels enough..Like Tenshi, QQeyes and many more..they are translating from korean, chinese, english, japanese, spanish, french, italian etc; the other around and all cross combination possible..so we rainbow eels get to enjoy, understand and love our prince more..

      ZIKZIN all …because of LOVE for our sweetest and most precious Asia Prince…
      and we love you all who are always so hardworking…

  3. Saranghae….JKS! Thank you for teaching me the most beautiful word in the Korean language! Zikzin! 🙂

    Hello everyone!

    • Amily hhhhhhh…..crazy ..crazy..crazy hhhhhh
      have a happy sukkie love Day because of him all our days are valantine days

      • 🙂 Yep, Malice, every day is valentine day as you said 🙂 b’cause we are in Sukkieland…a Neverland where there is no more pain & no more fear….:-)

        …..crazy…crazy…crazy 🙂 🙂

        Happy Sukkie Day to you too!

    • Have you ever heard blue eels? Blue eels mean Japanese eels. Red eels mean Korean eels (I hardly hear they are called red eels though). These colors are derived from colors of their official FC logo. And the colors originally are derived from colors of their official national football team uniform. Korean football team wears red uniform. On the other hand, Japanese one wears blue. And about rainbow eels, I don’t know who started to use this, but it represents international eels because we are from all over the world. Personally I like this nickname so much ^^

      • thanks for the info sis Kaori. i asked this before in our pond but nobody answered my query so i am very thankful to know the meaning of rainbow eels…..

  4. Thank you Miss. Tenshi We really appreciate your effort and hard work. Without you and the rest of the team it would be difficult for us to understand most of the videos and articles of our Prince. Thank you very much…
    I am looking forward for the 4th episode of Agent JKS.
    Keep Zikzin My Prince! Take care always!
    Today is Wednesday. Happy Agent JKS Day!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Thank you Tenshi for all that you do!!! I am so thankful and appreciate you and the rest of the team in this blog!!! Zikzin!!!


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