[Tree-J Notice] Announcement of JKS iPhone application

Chinese translation: Suk Baidu Bar


Hi everyone, this is Tree-J Company. Actor Jang Keun Suk’s application is now on the market. Cri-J members can take note of this. If you are curious about JKS application, please go to Apple App Store and search for “Jang Keun Suk”!! For details, please refer to the detailed notice. Thanks.

– Tree-J Company

Top right-hand balloon: “The application is out, cri cri”


张根硕贴吧官方微博 :旧官网弹出公告:(翻译:颖)(右上方文字:应用出来了 Cricri ) 大家好.这里是tree-j公司. 演员张根硕的应用面市了。 请Cri-j的会员们多多关注。 对张根硕的应用好奇的各位 请到苹果App Store搜索“张根硕”!! 详情请参考具体公告。 谢谢。 -tree-j公司

9 thoughts on “[Tree-J Notice] Announcement of JKS iPhone application”

  1. Not being an iPhone user, I can only say….. he’s as pretty as a girl, and even more….
    wondering what’s the fascination with curls nowadays?

      • This curly hair is just another transformation of him. Remember I said he resembled my Italian “nonna” (grandmother in Italian) for his hairstyle (photo in London)? He is always giving fans all his efforts for changing styles so that we don’t get bored, and he looks good in every new images he embarks. He is pretty and he is always pretty. Maybe curls are in now in Asia. I should tell nonna… ha ha !!

      • Same here….. I think we must join the fan club in order to view photos and movies in the apps ……feeling cheated now…..

  2. a little part of my heart was cracked,for seeing JKS way prettier than i am… i want to be as pretty as him…i even practice myself to sit the way he is.so graceful and sophisticated ^^ what a lunatic me…

  3. Just bought the application, but it is very difficult as I dont know Korean language. Would it be possible to add English too. So it will be easier to use. thanks


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