[flash news] JKS’ own TV show ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ goes on air on May 21st

Jang Keun Suk is going to have his own TV show on Fuji TV NEXT smart TV in Japan. It starts broadcasting at 22:30 on May 21st. No more further information hasn’t come out yet, so we’re not sure if it’s broadcast every week or so. Anyway, it must be a great news for us 🙂

Credits: chika8004a

24 thoughts on “[flash news] JKS’ own TV show ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ goes on air on May 21st”

  1. omo Sukkie’s own TV show!! waah! zikzin Sukkie!
    i have to check if this is on our cable list- just to see him smiling and talking would be worth watching!
    thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi! ^^

  2. I hope somehow or rather, international eels will get a chance to watch this. 30 mins of suk on tv on the 21st May 🙂

    • Another work for Tenshi. What are we going to do without her? Million thanks to all eels who translate Sukkie’s work for international eels. 🙂

  3. Tenshi, thanks for sharing! OMG, I thought he was kinda resting a little bit because he seemed to be so quite nowadays, but instead he is working again a lot! Wow another first, of the many firsts he did as Korean artist? Sukkie Zikzin to the world…

  4. This is amazing news! Thank you! I am so glad that they are finally realized that Sukkie needs his own TV show. We have known that for å long time. 🙂

    I just hope that I will able to see it somehow. I hope that you will share it with us Tenshi, like you have done all the time. 🙂

  5. It’s a perfect project for our prince because he has an amazing talent to deliver and to be in a one man show .If it also a talk show similar to jay leno, oprah , david letterman and alike ,JKS definitely can do it. He has been on a radio show for the longest time and having it on screen will expand his horizon as a multi media king. Being spontaneous, bubbly ,sensible,humorous, ingenious and a natural born storyteller proved that he has a lot of things and ideas to share with his audience . When he talks, he really talk with no boring moments and people really listen. Surely ,others will attempt to imitate him again. But, it would be very hard. Still. we are hoping that he will do more concert tour not only in japan and china but around the world and make 2 more films as reserve for 2 years while on training. So that he won’t be missed. More success for our prince .Zikzin fighting!!

  6. Wow..its amazing news.i wonder what kind of show it is.agent jks? Cant wait.as always tenshi..Otsukarasama deshita.

  7. That’s really a good news for all eels. I supposed that Sukkie did have enough talent to host this own TV show. I can’t wait to see it. I hope there might be different contents and styles from radio to TV shows. Haha….that’s really great!

  8. Great news!
    Love to see lottttttttts of him in whatever media.
    How can I live without him?
    I must check his news everyday….till……….
    we grow old together.
    Keep us posted JKS…. You are part of our daily life!

  9. OMO….why is this boy so brilliant……really the star in my eyes..
    Can’t wait to find out what the show is like…
    AND we are able to see it outside of Japan..

    Thanks for sharing this Tenshi (makes me wonder if this is the result of what the host from MTV in Japan was saying to him at the lauch interview of Nature boy…his plan…MTV introducing girls or stars to him and he goes on a date with them so to learn each others culture…or him going to stay in rural places working and living togehter with Japanese families)…

    • You might be right, Mamacri.

      I think Sukkie would be an amazing tolkshow host, so I thought automatically that it would be a talk show. But I see it now, it´s probably something else. “Agent” perhaps implay that he maybe will tray to get some information about something.

  10. Great news! It will be a great TV show, he’s an amazing speaker, a fun and insightful entertainer, I´m very sure it will be very successful.

    JKS, you must be my Lucky Star
    ‘Cause you shine on me wherever you are
    I just think of you and I start to glow
    And I need your light…

    Thanks Thensi.

  11. Great job Prince ! In our culture we have a saying: ” We need to prepare our plans with silence ”
    Like that once it’s done it has more impact and more influence !!! I wish him great success for his exceptional program. Because surely, it will be a exceptional Tv show 😉

  12. 대박! 장근석씨.. 축하해!! We all look forward to your new show!! Amazing! Good luck and enjoy this one dear.. 직진!^^

  13. Wow! this is another great news to his followers,another great works and achievment.keep it up ,you are in my prayer.World Prince< 3

  14. i think he can be anything related to on air performance.i dont know how to described. he’s not just a person who is interesting to look at but also has skilled to deliver any particular task.whether he’s genius or hardworking..well..i think he has both..but he’s more to hardworking type..we see him as genius but that genius is the result frm his experiences and hardwork. i cant wait for this show..would be great show and entertaining one.


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