[News] Schedules of Team H 1st single ‘Take me’ and 3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’ are finally confirmed

UPDATE: The album release date has been changed to July 16th (June 21)
UPDATE: added where you can order their single and album (May 8th)

Source: http://a.ponycanyon.co.jp/team_h/index.html

Finally the confirmed release date of Team H new album was announced! It’s July 9th!!! Furthermore, their first single is to be released on June 25th. We can’t wait to hear their tour schedule, too.

About one and four months have passed since their last album, ‘I just wanna have fun’.
Their 1st single, ‘Take me’ will be released on June 25th.
After that, their long-awaited 3rd album, ‘Driving to the highway’ will be released on July 9th.

[1st single ‘Take me’]
1. Take me(Japanese ver.)
2. Time goes by
3. Take me(original ver.)

*The first limited production version [CD+DVD]
Price: ¥1,600 (not including sales tax)
– DVD (‘Take me’ MV and the making)
– application coupon A

*The regular version [CD only]
Price: ¥1,200 (not including sales tax)
Bonus (only for the first production):
– 1 trading card (there’ll be 3 types)
– application coupon A

[3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’]
1. Open the door
2. Do it on the speaker
3. Raining on the dance floor(Japanese ver.)
4. Getting over
5. Still working
6. Take me(Japanese ver.)
7. Driving to the highway
8. Time goes by
9. Gold digger
10. I’m so ghetto
11. Listen to me mother
12. Sunshine
13. Raining on the dance floor (original ver.)
14. Take me (original ver.)

*The first limited production version [CD+DVD]
Price: ¥3,500 (not including sales tax)
– DVD (‘Raining on the dance floor’ MV and the making of MV, shooting the cover, recording)
– application coupon B

*The regular version [CD+booklet]
Price: ¥2,800 (not including sales tax)
Bonus :
– 24 page booklet (photo book)
– application coupon B (only for the first production)

[Bonus chance for both buyers of the single and the album]
You can apply for a special prize with application coupon A and B!
(1) Secret prize: Lucky xxx winners will be invited to xxxx!
(how many winners, what event will be announced later.)
(2) Special prize: Lucky 100 winners will get their autographed postcard!
tenshi_akuma’s note: I’m sorry but it’s only for Japanese residents…

There are useful online shop you can order from your country.
Take me (SINGLE+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
Take me (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
Driving to the Highway (ALBUM+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
Driving to the Highway (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

Take me [First Press Limited Edition](CD+DVD)
Takeme [Standard Edition]
Driving to the highway [First Press Limited Edition](CD+DVD)
Driving to the highway [Standard Edition]

Take me [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Take me [Regular Edition]
Driving to the highway [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Driving to the highway [Regular Edition]

32 thoughts on “[News] Schedules of Team H 1st single ‘Take me’ and 3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’ are finally confirmed”

  1. Can’t wait to hear their Team
    H schedule ..Begging u suk and BB pls Bangkok or Singapore are included in ir list .We Myanmar eels are so dying to party with u ..

  2. Finally!!!:) It´s so exciting just reading the names of the songs. Can´t wait to hear them. I´m so glad that I can buy the album and dvd on yesasia. You must be really happy, Tenshi. It´s so much to look forward for japanese eels.

    I wonder how Sukkie will look like. Will he keep his clean natural look he has now?

  3. I hope there will be several slow songs. I love Sukkie’s voice & you can hear it better in slow songs 🙂
    Best wishes for this new album, Sukkie!

    • I think he has amazing voice too. He has talked much about being an actor lately. But I think he is fantastic as a singer. One of my favorite songs is ” In my dream” from “Just crazy” album. He has written both music and lyrics. So talented at everything.

      • I did not know that. I will search for “in my dream” on YT. Thanks. I think his voice is even better when he sings live…& when he is not overworked — it’s deep, natural, with more feeling.

      • Dear Zoe, you are a true (eel) angel! Thank you so much for the link! I love it! Beeeeeautiful voice & melody! Cute vdo too ! Didn’t understand a word except “I will fly high” but love it :-). Now I want to buy all of his concert DVDs to watch! Which ones do you recommend? Tam recommends the 2010 Asia tour & the 2012 Cri 2 I think. I hope I can find them with English sub!!!

      • Amyli, Sukkie’s solo concert and FM theme changes every year since 2010 when I started following him.
        If you love his ballad, you can look out for his solo albums like 2011- “Let Me Cry”, 2012-“Crazy Crazy Crazy” and 2013-“Nature Boy”… are are many ballads in his solo albums.. but I also love his rock and pop music too from these albums… and he sang live all this songs in his solo concert like 2011 Cri show, 2012 Cri show and also Zikzin and Zepp tour. I used to listen to slow music but now I also love his TeamH music with BB… in fact, after going for TeamH concerts, I release the TeamH is so powerful and energetic… and freestyle… really love both Sukkie’s Solo and TeamH albums and concerts….. In fact, I got almost all his concerts DVD as collection including the making DVDs (so fun to watch the BTS of his concert making… the joy and hardwork he has put in… how he interacts with eels and his staffs..really interesting)
        Enjoy your eel journey…

      • Dear Amyli, I like your passion for Sukkie. I feel the same way about him. 🙂 I love Cri show 2012 and 2010 Asia tour too. You can buy both on yesasia. I don´t know wich DVD region you need. You can check it here:


        I love “I just wanna have fun”, but is japan verson, region 2, with japanes subs. I don´t care that I don´t understand anything. I am just happy when I watch it, completely mesmerised. 😀

      • An Eel-Protein 🙂 🙂 just kidding, QQeyes007 🙂 🙂 You are awesome for helping a new Eel find her way to the Prince! I’m sold. I’ll go order everything JKS with English Sub from yesasia :-). I’m more of a classical music type so I’m still not used to BB’s style, but I really like & love Sukkie so I’ll try to adjust 🙂 You guys in this pond are super nice! Thanks again for your help!

      • Hi Zoe, thanks for the link & the additional suggestions! You guys here are really super nice! As nice as Sukkie’s smile 🙂 I’m still trying to find out why I’m addicted to Sukkie, but the more I find out about him the more addicted I become!!! This is just crazy, crazy like his album! I’m going to yesasia now 🙂 Lots of thanks!!!

    • Sukkie is not tied down to one genre.. like his acting his singing is amazing and a myriad of possibilities…
      What is even better are his live actions…esp the BTS of all his work.. Here you can witness the passion of this unique being. He is what he is and he won’t show more or less; happy, sad, success or failure…he shares it all in his natural way hoping to inspire or be inspired by his eels.

      He is really passionate and very comfortable about his artistry and his fans… Unlike the general K-pop.. rather just for “commercial” purposes his songs are personal thoughts and feelings, conveyed in a heartfelt way; while Team H enables him to be the young man he is…partying with his eels..(work and pleasure)
      This man is really UNSCRIPTED and the much needed fresh breeze (whirlwind kekeke) for the confined atmosfeer of K-pop and Idol acting..
      Very proud of him although most would not admid but thanks too JKS who keeps pushing the boundaries the K scene is starting to loosen up….Our originator…ZIKZIN!!

      I can’t wait to hear this new Team H album…he and BB are two peas in a pot and they are so amazing!!, they get even the old people moving 😀

      • Mamacri, I always enjoy reading your comments. You have such great insights where Sukkie is concerned, & reading them opens my eyes & my heart to Sukkie even more. Thank you for making me see the different sides of Sukkie. He is so artistic & creative, yet level headed & smart, energetic, passionate, philosophical, compassionate…he is an original…I think he is a genius!

        Thanks again, Mamacri!

      • I agree with everything that you said Mamacri! Sukkie is just an amazing human being who is blessed with tremendous talents and other great characteristics! Love love love him. Zikzin!!!

    • Mamacri,

      ” thanks too JKS who keeps pushing the boundaries the K scene is starting to loosen up”

      Would you give examples or more hints abt that. Thanks

      • King of pushing boundaries LOL
        He started with open communication with his fans; started with he hated to do what others tell him to do esp telling lies…now…don’t know if you’ve heard a boy group is gonna do real life tv and bts as to open up to their fans(with a script of course)

        He started using guyliner..
        His airport fashion..and his fashion style in general
        His use of certain words..one is now even his own brandname
        Openly talking about “taboo” stuff; like smoking, drinking, dating, workrelations, expectations, false modesty and pretends..dreams (and showing he dreams big but also make them come true..openly encouraging others to achieve their dreams too)
        The way he works; enjoy his own “freedom”, the way he acts towards others..he is freespirited and unscripted; the way he celebrates and share his successes but also his failures… and that doesn’t go unnoticed by others from companies and those who are under strict regime

        You are an eel…you know or feel it too… In this pond we won’t call names if it not needed..
        But hee…our Sukkie is very unique…he has been long on his own two feet fighting alone…The hardship he went through and still is encountering from the industry is uninmaginable..but he will survive..for our Sukkie is an origintor.. JYO ZIKZIN

      • Thank you Mamacri,

        I’m still learning abt him through many sources, and your examples open my eyes more abt him. I’d like to say that I’m so glad that behind his back, there are his eels who support him wholeheartedly. Eels who hv been in every thick and thin in Mr.Jang’s bumpy road. They believe that in the end of the day he will get what he deserve. It’s like they fight along with him, which is great.

  4. it’s finally here!! jyo zikzin Team H!! please also release your concert scheds! ^^
    thank you dear Tenshi ^^

  5. i’m soooooooooooooo happy!what can i say?!?!Oops!
    after long time TEAM-H come back…
    i cant wait!yohoooooooooooo

  6. As an American fan, I am so grateful that YesAsia offers a great deal of JKS’s work. Otherwise, it would be difficult to hear him. I do like the low register of his voice, and his fantastic falsetto register in “Let Me Cry”. Thanks to Tenshi and everyone else who helps with the translations. Although I do watch and listen to other K-Pop stars, JKS remains inimitable – no one like him. How does he have the time to prepare an album and do all the traveling and modeling work and fan meetings? He has a lot of energy, and just physical strength. A steady U.S.A. fan, Dena Pitchfork

    • Yes..im so worried when seing in his bts concerts how hardworking he is with passion and energy towards his job.but when im witnessed how he enjoying doing his job and really happy on everything..I know he wont be too tired because eels love will make him stronger.i know he wont loose his confident as llong as eels keep supporting him.

      By the way.im still waiting for his solo album.i love all his ballad pop and rock song. I wonder if he will released his solo this vyear.didnt angle castle is one of the single? Well..I might be wrong.

  7. You can never get tired of jks, he is always re-inventing himself. that’s why others are trying hard to imitate him. What about his next solo album? cant wait. Thanks guys.


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