8 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 13_Secret Recipe”

  1. Thank you so much!!! I have waiting for this! Love Sukkies Zikzin Radio! 47 minuttes happiness is starting now! 😀

  2. Here it is!! ^^ thank you to the ever amazing translation and subbing team! ^^
    i love listening to Sukkie’s childhood memories, i fall for him more and more kkk!
    omo what is this Cri-J international eels’ exam?!
    Sukkie fightin’! ^^

  3. Thank you angeels….been looking forward to this one..you guys are soooo busy with all things happening one after another…Daebak…
    Prince is making me hungry by talking about all the food…love his stories from childhood…such vivid memories.

  4. It makes me want to look for Korean Restaurant this weekend 🙂 Thank you for the hard work of translation.Allways Update zikzin !


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