27 thoughts on “[Pics] Bonus photos for those who pre-ordered ZIKIZN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP DVD”

  1. I am counting the days till May 14th. Don´t even care that there is no english subs.♥

    So unbelievably handsome on the pictures no. 1 and 4. Sorry, I am still not over Sukkie with long hair. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I know, totally agree, Amyli. He says in the Hanryu Pria magazine interview that he had wanted to get his hair cut for a long time. So there is no hope anymore. I just must pull myself together. 😀

    • Many of us feel the loss of his long hair, but at least we can console each other! Having read his recent interview, I guess it’s time for me also to accept the fact those days are over. I may have to watch MMM again before I can move on and accept his new look.

      • MMM is still my favorite drama too. But I like Sukkie most when he is himself. I love his documentary and concerts DVD, and “making drama”, Zikzin Radio… . He can talk about anything and still be lovable and charming. 🙂

      • It is only for Region 2. Does anyone know how to order for Region 1?

        Thank you!!!

      • Abha, only region 2 is available. All his DVD released by Japanese company doesn’t have English subtitles. It has only Japanese subtitles and they are region 2. It means for Japanese buyers. On the other hand, his DVD released by Korean company (Tree-J) or HS media possibly has English or Chinese subtitles and they are region all. In my idea, Korean entertainment companies always see the world market. But Japanese company always see the Japanese market only. Not only JKS’ DVD only but most of artists’ DVD released in Japan are the same.

      • Thank you, Tenshi. I am hoping one day it would be possible for those in the United States to be able to order JKS’s dvds. I wish they would put it on iTunes. We don’t buy music on CDs or movies on Dvds anymore. Just a click on iTunes and it is done and then you can enjoy it on any device. No ordering, no shipping hassles. Hopefully, one day it would be like this with JKS’s work, dramas, music and movies. Until then I will just have to depend on Youtube for whatever is available there. Thanks again for your response 🙂 🙂

  3. Above photos are for those who pre-ordered ZIKIZN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP DVD collectors edition and special edition on Koari.net. The release date was April 24th.

    The regular release date for the special edition is May 14th, and now it’s available to pre-order on the internet such as YesAsia.com, but there are no bonus photos for the buyers. I hope everyone understands it correctly.

      • It ´s not easy to understand when product information is on japanese. But we will still get the photobook and som other stuff, don´t we? And 2 DVD of course, that is the most importen thing. 🙂

      • Yes, the special edition includes the final stage and making of Zepp Divercity Tokyo and the digest of other areas. Besides, it includes the original photo book, too.
        – DVD 2 discs(Tokyo performance, digests of each performance and making video)
        – Photo book

  4. So happy these are shared with us.. because only the pre-ordered collectors DVD had them. I see a very happy and passionate man on stage..Like he always said, no matter tired or not when in front of camera or on stage he is alive and happy..
    Really born to be on stage, but this passionate man his stage is much wider than most so no matter OTS (on the scene) or BTS he is always passionate and lovely and that is what I love about him the most..

  5. Is my birthday is 8th May, and I have pre-order this DVD as well as Team H single and album, I am so happy – is a present from Geun Suk, Mary love you always Sukkie


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