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“Evolving Asia Prince, Jang Keun Suk”

He says his ambition that has never changed for years is ‘conquer the world’. Needless to say, as an actor. Jang Keun Suk who is trying to evolve from ‘Asia Prince’ to ‘World Prince’ told us that the latest drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ would be his last romantic comedy in his 20s.

The last romantic comedy in his 20s

No wonder he decided to appear on the drama as soon as he knew the title, the title of drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ naturally reminded us of Jang Keun Suk.
JKS: I was sure that this drama would be the best to show my various sides in my 20s. The moment I knew the title, I felt ‘Ah, this would be mine.’ At the same time, I thought it would be my last romantic comedy in my 20s and I would be able to show everything I want to try then. That’s why I decided to appear on it.

Starting from drama ‘You’re Beautiful(’09)’, there seemed to be a similarity between characters he played in dramas such as ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night(’10)’ and this ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ in some way. That’s why he has ambition to try a new genre as the next project.
JKS: Dramas that I happened to appear on recently belonged to the genre of romantic comedy. When I decided to appear on BM, I thought this would be the last. That’s why I tried whatever I could in BM, which brought out my new sides. Now that I’m satisfied with BM, I think it’s time to try various genres like before. Needless to say, if I get a good offer in my 30s, I will appear in romantic comedy dramas again. But I need to change my image established as Actor Jang Keun Suk first.

In BM, Dokgo Ma Te that JKS played has the looks that is of the national treasure level and fascinates women one after another. He learned lessons of life from them and matured as a person. What does JKS think Ma Te’s attraction is?
JKS: Ma Te is a parson who’s trying various ways to seduce women when he approaches to them. I think the highlight of BM is Ma Te shows various sides to viewers every time he associates with the woman. Through meeting 10 types of women, he changes how to approach each woman. As an actor, it was a great pleasure for me to play Ma Te because he is more than one character. He transforms himself into a new personality, hairdo, appearance to seduce each woman. But I have to admit that I often feel puzzled while acting Ma Te because each time the way of dating had to change totally.

“A story of Ma Te’s growth through 10 women”

During the broadcast of BM in Korea, there were a lot of feedback such as “Seeing JKS’ various acting styles that are different from his previous works is very interesting”. His comical acting is one of the highlight as well as his serious one.
JKS: The story itself starts from a first-person perspective as ‘a beautiful man’. And he uses his attractiveness and 10 women to get what he wants. So BM looks a bit shallow and actually it has a lot of comical sides. But as the story goes on, he grows up. When playing Ma Te, I focused on the process of his growth, meeting 10 women and learning lessons of what we need in life from them. I think I could act Ma Te naturally.

Drama ‘Beautiful Man’ was based on a popular comic that has the same title. Dokgo Ma Te in BM looked as if he were the real character of girl comics.
JKS: Before BM shooting started, I read about 5 volumes of the original comic books. I usually collect various data preparing for the role, so this time as well I read them as a reference to know what kind of perspective of the world the comic has. But honestly I didn’t depend on the original so much. Personally I don’t read comics so often. To play Ma Te well, I had a lot of production meetings. What I think the most important point of Ma Te is ‘a person who is annoying but still we can’t hate him’. It started it all. Like the actor appearing in movie ‘Bel Ami’, he is a bad man, but we can’t hate him… We wanted to create such an attractive character.

tenshi_akuma’s note: ‘Bel Ami’ is originally a French novel written by Maupassant. Some movies were made based on this novel.

Through 10 women, Dokgo Ma Te grows up to gain wisdom. What kind of wisdom was the most impressive for your while acting?
JKS: The most impressive one was taught by Jaek Hee. To be honest, I myself am personally not good at managing my own money. That’s why my parents are still taking care of all. In BM, after meeting Jaek Hee, Ma Te suddenly realized something like getting a bang on the head. After that, he came to approach each woman in a tactful way. From Jaek Hee, Ma Te learned ‘Even if we get a lot of money, we shouldn’t lose ourselves’. The wisdom reached me, too. In my actual life what I learned from women is ‘Mother is strong’ because I’ve been affected a lot by my mother. When I see a women who has achieved social success, I have a complicated feeling that she might have had hard times just because she is a woman. But when I see that she has overcome the hardships and managed to develop her career, I think she’s very cool.

“I want to go back to acting in the most basic way from now”

The true attractiveness of men that Jang Keun Suk thinks is not mystery or sexiness that Dokgo Ma Te has.
JKS: I think a man who is strong mentally is attractive. For me, a man with ambition is strong. I mean a man who has his own ambition to realize is a real strong man, not because he has a masculine body. I can tell just by his eyes. I think such an ambitious man is a ‘beautiful man’. I think a true ‘beautiful man’ can practice self-management. He has his own style both on the outside and the inside. And he sticks to what he believes. For me, this kind of person is attractive.

Because of shooting BM, he got his long hair cut drastically short, which drew public attention. That showed how much he put himself into playing the role, but doesn’t he regret it?
JKS: I don’t regret it. To tell the truth, I’ve really wanted to get my hair cut for a long time because I felt like Jang Keun Suk has a long-haired image. I had kept my hair long for around 3 years, so it was a good chance to change the image. Honestly I wanted to get my hair cut in earlier BM episodes, but the director suggested me change my hairstyles in accordance with the development of story. So I had my hair cut late in the episodes. But to be honest, long hair doesn’t need as much care as short one. Lol.

We still remember that Ma Te strives for beauty in BM. We wonder if Jang Keun Suk himself who is very popular throughout Asia also practices considerable self-management.
JKS: To be honest, I don’t exercise regularly. Lol. I don’t care so much about my weight, but when I feel terrible about being overweight, I start dieting. I have lost 7 kilos over the past 3 weeks. Once I start dieting, I stick to my diet. Especially I manage what I should eat in daily life.

He says that he wants to return to acting more basic and normal role in the future.
JKS: In the future, I want to return to acting the most basic and normal role. When I appeared in ‘Beethoven Virus’, I wanted to show my tough image. But looking back, I think I simply wanted to grow up more quickly. I want to act with eyes that are enough to tell a lot expressions. Something like in the genre of thriller, and everything can be expressed by eyes without words… I want to play such a character who pours his soul into his eyes. I want to return to basic acting now.



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  1. “I want to return to acting in the most basic way from now on” Yes please thank you 😀
    Beethoven virus was one of the best move in his career…waiting for him to pick up his next project asap. This interview really got my hopes up for Sukkie’s career path. Serious roles just do it. Show the Koreans and everyone who criticized him for being a stuck up actor but wat his real potential is.

    • I agree with you. He can act any character.
      I like him since Hong Gil Dong. Although “You’re beautiful” made him very popular I love him more in Hong Gil Dong.
      Beethoven Virus is also very good too. Love his body in there as now he is too thin.
      Can’t wait for his new role…

  2. Love the spirit of our very own JKS… He constantly keeps me inspiring with his thoughts and logics…..

  3. Thank you Kaori for translating this wonderful article. I cant wait for his next acting project. It may be the last one before he enlists and I hope it will leave a lasting impression to last us till his come back.

  4. Thank you so much translating and sharing this article. ^^
    Sukkie is really so smart. I believe in him choosing those roles in his past dramas because they were all he could portray at his best at those stages in his life. He is so mature to see that there are dramas that you can best relate to and act in at certain times and that there is a best time to explore and get to know yourself more. He was never lazy to assess how he can be at his best at all times. Now the road just becomes even more exciting because he is evolving each new day, and he just keeps us always on our toes on the look-out for what more he can conquer.
    Sukkie dear, just enjoy the road, and stay true, because the star that you are always shines through your eyes, you don’t even have to act. We will always support you! I love you so! always.. zikzin! ^^

  5. Wow his mama raised him well. Speaking as a successful woman I have to say that was the first time I was moved to tears reading a man’s recognition of woman’s climb up “the ladder” I loved BM because it show succesful women as strong and smart and not mean and difficult as many shows do. Bravo JKS!!

    • Yes, though I am far from successful but I do think that media is still very much stereotyping successfully women as difficult characters to deal with or simple just women that has lost some part of their feminine side. However in bel ami , it really shows successful yet charismatic women that are wise and loving.

  6. Yes Sukkie show them what you got! Got me so excited…can’t wait for his next role, a thriller with a little bit of action would be great! Would love to see him in sageuk too, like that in Hong Gil Dong, can’t forget my feeling of first seeing him as Prince Lee Chang Hwi – his voice, handsome face & mysterious, aloof, cold and at the same time intense acting, those got me hooked!

  7. Beautiful interview.. He is a good actor without pretends, dares to go back to basics because he trust his own strenght in this. I also want him to do a triller.. suspence kind of drama..something serious

    JKS is a very attractive man for me in anyway..He knows his mind yet not selfcentred; he knows how en when to take lead ..He is a man who knows the value of the opposite sex and is kind to them and a man who acknowledge the tears and sweat of his mother and holds her high is very precious in my eyes

  8. Everything is wonderful in JKS..he is so cute nd handsome with romantic voice… his smiling face.. oh god.. i gonna mad..What a man he is !! with full of positive energy and sprit in that 🙂 Al d best JKS.. all your upcoming projects will be really fabulous one..Keep rockkkkkkkkkkkk……..

  9. Tenshi, thanks a lot for translating and sharing this with us. I’m always amazed Sukkie’s eloquence during interviews. He is such an intelligent man and so full wisdom. A real proof how he was raised by his raised by his parents, specially Mama Jang. Got so so excited for the next drama he will choose. Hopefully his next role he will consider is a lawyer or a doctor.

  10. Thank you for the translation!!!! I love this interview so much!!! Again he never fails to amaze me with his matured responses which have so much depth!! “When I see a women who has achieved social success, I have a complicated feeling that she might have had hard times just because she is a woman. But when I see that she has overcome the hardships and managed to develop her career, I think she’s very cool.”– this phrase will definitely be a great motivation for me at work!!!>.<

  11. I love how he views women who are successful in their career. At this modern time though we try to put men and women as equal there are still prejudisms against women. Some men get intimidated by successful women. It’s rare to hear from a man who knows how to appreciate the hardships that a woman has to overcome to succeed in life. I’m one of the women in this time who’s trying to make a difference and succeed. I’m happy to hear these words from JKS, whom I admire and respect a lot as a man. 장근석씨 감사합니다..^^

  12. JKS is truly a beautiful man. He is attractive both inside & out. That’s admirable. Not only is he smart, but he is wise as well. He is maturing very well. I think he will be more & more attractive as he ages ( like a good wine 🙂 ) Some people say men look their best in their 30s. I think JKS will be even more attractive ( inside & out) in his 30s. But please do not rush, dear Sukkie. There is time for everything. Live the moment, let your creativity go free, & enjoy your 20s to the fullest…. for they will not come around again.

    JKS, I trust your choice of roles to play. I have liked & very much enjoyed every role you have chosen to play from Hwang Jini to Beautiful Man. Beethowen Virus brought back my love for classical music, & from BM I have learned some life lessons. Thank you, & my very best wishes for your new projects!


  13. Thank you for the translation.

    Only JKS among k stars and idols has a consistent honesty in interviews. He is indeed a beautiful man. I wish him success in every facet of his life.

  14. Thank you very much for the translation, Tenshi! You are helping Sukkie to conquer the world. 🙂

    I love the interview. He has had a lot of interviews, and talked about Bel Ami many times, but he doesn´t repeat himself, he has always something interesting to tell us.

  15. Thanks for sharing and translating, Kaori-chan :). I always love his interview… it’s like falling in love all over again with his beautiful mind. I hope he can get a good project which enables him to act more basic and normal role that he wants this year :). Jang Keun Suk, hwaiting! We’ll keep zikzin-ing together with you!

  16. He is a beautiful man. Smart, risk-taker and transparent. I always like his interviews because he shows himself, not the most common interviews of k-stars where almost every word coming out from them are scripted.

    Thanks for the translations. In many ways you help us understand him much better. I used not to like him, but I gave myself a chance to read his interviews and English-sub videos and I began to admire him. He is a gem, a rare pearl in murky waters of Korean entertainment industry.

    • Jenny…welcome to the pond… I’m happy you gave your self a chance to listen to your inner voice and the chance to broaden you insight of something that might have been easily missed/passed in those murky waters..
      It might not be easy to like JKS because he is so different from the wellknown and regular and if we discover we come to like him it is not easy to admit we do for we might get bashed by others.. One must have strong conviction and be courageous..

      The beauty of it all is.. he himself is fully aware of this but since he is not someone who does things just to please and/or be liked by others rather to do things that he believes in, makes him happy and challenge his artistry we must have a full understanding of that fact……he is as you say very open and transparent about that…
      When we accept that fact….we’ll feel what he feels, see what he sees and hear what he hears…and his world opens up for us passed JKS the artist…to this beautiful man Jang Keun Suk

      • Mamacri, you´re right he is one in a million. He has become an even more beautiful man. All of us have become more beautiful people since we love him. We have a very special relationship of respect, love and mutual recognition. We are very proud to be JKS´s Eels because he shows us every day with his actions that he deserves our devotion, our infinite love and support.

    • Good that you follow your instinct rather than being swayed by those comments made by his antis. He such a precious gem, a one of a kind. And the only one in the murky K-Entertainment Industry.

  17. After reading this translated interview, i am having a self realisation on what attract me of getting to know Jang Keun Suk and falling in love with him deeply is his interpretation of Beautiful Man. A man that has ambition that he holds to achieve.

  18. Thanks for translating and sharing dear Tenshi.
    I read this interview a few days ago and I thought long to write these lines. They came into my mind the other interviews and statements given by him lately after BM. I might some of you hate me but these are my thoughts and I feel like I have to share with you.
    Ours Keun Suk wants a change. Indeed, I think it’s time for a change.
    Even if it saddens us, we must understand that he can not always be sweet and naughty boy or a young man handsome and rebellious. He can not be always like 20 years, no matter how we regret.
    It’s the same feeling when your baby grows and you miss when he was a child, but you are aware that this is the life and you can not to oppose. It’s not normal to oppose.This change should make us happy. Our boy has turned into a truly wonderful man.
    He knows very well what to do, it can be seen very clearly. It started with changing the look and attitude. He participated in several events able to change its image, many of them in Korea. He wants to have more activities in Korea.
    He realized it was time to respect the rules.
    That does not mean that his dreams will change. He believes even more in these dreams.
    He wants to be an actor. An actor of value.
    “I want to play a character who pours Such His soul into His eyes. I want to return to basic acting now.” That’s what he wants now.
    That does not mean that his dreams will change. He believes even more in these dreams.
    He wants to be an actor. An actor of value.
    “I want to play such a character who pours his soul into his eyes. I want to return to basic acting now.” That’s what he wants now.
    He will remain the same Keun Suk smart, talented, lively, determined, courageous, strong, sensitive, funny, good-hearted, respectful, ambitious …… a real treasure.
    Our role, those who love and care for him is to support him still with the same devotion and always show our love for him.
    I wish everyone all the best!

    • i think the right way to look at it is he has evolved, as he always continues to do so. and we just love him more each day for that ^^

    • yes Adriana…we must accept the fact and keep growing with him.. He will show us his myriad of talents and his personal growth in abundance

    • Well said, Adriana. As much as I love the 20 year old JKS & will miss him & his innocence terribly, I would like to see him grow into a strong & successful man. Life experiences change people. If they are smart, they are changed for the better. JKS is smart & wise. I truly believe that the experiences he has gained over the years will make him an even better & smarter man.

      Zikzin Sukkie!

  19. yes,totally agree with all of you…we love our prince not just because of his outward appearance but because of his beautiful mind…he is basically a good person…loves and respects women..appreciates how mama jang persevered through all the hardships of their early life..in many of his interviews you can see how much he looks up to her and trusts her with his hard earned money..i’m sure he’s going to be a very good husband and a very loving and protective father…
    when my children laugh at me and wonder why i like/love our prince so much, i tell him i really appreciate his personality, the way he thinks, the way he challenges himself, even his decisions to go against the public’s expectations…his attitude of following his heart..he is a very admirable young man who is true to himself,despite all odds…
    from his words and attitudes as seen in his interviews, even before bel ami, his views on life have given me new perspectives and insights on my life…i have never been happier in my life because of knowing him…our prince is such a beautiful person on the inside as well as on the outside…
    i am so glad that there are many of us who love and appreciate for what he is, not for what we want him to be…thank u all

  20. to know our prince more, type “words of our prince keun suk you tube” and you’ll see two compilations of his words (by his eels)taken from various interviews when he was younger…shows a deeply intelligent young who is not afraid to walk the lonely path to be true to his heart…

    you can also watch videos like sanma no manma, kuwazugirai, smap, happy camp, tetsuko’s room, kneedrop guru…you will see how consistent he is…such a lively and energetic person, so full of dreams…truly a model and inspiration to all of us to dream too and to follow our dreams…to try new things and go out of our comfort zone…

    • Very well said dear Tam! It is a true delight to watch this young man but when I discovered what is behind this physical aspect I was finally conquered.
      I watched those videos with words of our Prince Keun Suk. There are real lessons to anyone who reads. All the best!

    • Thank you, Tam, for the program names! I just finished watching Happy Camp. It’s the funniest HC episode! JKS was so natural, so himself, at ease, & fun that he made the hosts at ease & this episode so much fun to watch. He joked around. They joked around. And everyone just had a lot of fun…the hosts, the audience, & JKS . JKS seems to be a lot of fun to be with & brings life to any party. A few other things about him that I noticed:

      -He told the hosts that he was there not to work but to make friends. I really like that. It was a simple statement yet very touching. I think the hosts were touched by it.
      -He is very competitive. He teases & jokes around, but takes competitions very seriously. He just had to win that tennis game — & he did 🙂 This is an indication that, although he likes to have fun, he takes work seriously.
      -He is really mischievous 🙂 He made a few statements that sounded cocky & conceited, like “JKS always wins; JKS is #1, etc”, until you noticed the twinkle in his eyes & his facial expression 🙂 he sure likes to tease & confuse people just for the fun of it 🙂
      -He is smart & quick witted 🙂
      -He is a very likable person & fun to be with.
      -I could go on & on but let’s stop here 🙂

      Thanks again, Tam! I will search & watch the rest of the programs you mentioned. I really recommend that new eels watch these vdos & programs. You get to see the real JKS in action. He is a really likable person.

  21. yes, amyli…you are right…all eels should watch these videos so they will better appreciate our prince..and be exposed to how he thinks…such a spontaneous person..so comfortable and at ease…non-eels should watch too so they can be captivated and become eels…by knowing him more you will see that he is a person with admirable values…as leigh said, his mama raised him well…mama jang must be admirable indeed for our prince to love, respect and trust her so much…as mamacri said,it may be hard to like our prince because he is so different from the regular artist who shows only his best side to the public…he is so honest and no pretense…we see shots of him just waking up, yawning, eating, drinking, making faces…ha ha…amyli, his 2010 asia tour series (parts 1 to 17) is also worth watching…and here’s another special treat to watch: 2012 the cri show 2 saitama event…sorry, don’t know how to post links,my daughter downloaded them all for me so i can rewatch anytime…

    • Hi Tam, where can I buy the 2010 Asia tour & 2012 Cri show DVDs with English subtitle? I am still learning about this very special & unique young man 🙂

      I just finished watching “the words of our Prince JKS”. I was so touched by JKS’s wisdom & ECI’s words. I was moved to tears 🙁 All 3 parts were beautifully done & done with so much love for our Prince! You ECI are awesome! Thank you!

  22. adriana, thank you for your insight too on how our prince is evolving…much as we like him to remain the happy and carefree but hardworking person that he is, he cannot be 20 years old forever…i like how you phrased that…it’s so true, but we can always cherish our memories of his younger years …and at the same time, look forward to how he changes as he grows older…let’s stay with him forever, eels!

  23. amyli, i don’t know where to buy his 2010 asia tour series and cri show dvds..sorry..i come from the philippines… i simply pay my daughter to download them for me one by one … as for the special treat i mentioned, simply type: jang keun suk speechless at cri show 2 in saitama, then click below the video ” english translation by tenshi akuma” …i even came across a similar video showing a tear in his eye…so touching …

  24. amyli and those interested,here’s a transcript of jks interview during (?) the saitama event…JKS and MC-Yumi San’s conversation on 29 Nov Saitama Cri Show II

    TEF Note: Words in italics are from original uploader.

    20th anniversary surprise plan on 29 Nov Saitama CRI SHOW finale, conversation of Jang Keun Suk and special event MC Yumi (Feeling: Although this child usually is frivolously aggressive, once he is pushed into a region with no guards and nowhere to go, immediately he returns to being a 25 year old baby, crossed-eyes, open mouth, biting fingers, so please stop bullying him, it makes people feel heartache)

    Please note that “S”: Suk and “Y”: Yumi

    1) S: Ah? Y: Prince, it’s me ~ long time no see (Suk startled searching high and low for the voice)

    2) S: (saw Yumi on the screen) Ah? What is going on? Y: Prince, it’s me, Yumi who played Prince’s education Archdeacon. S: Where are you now? Y: Now? I am always by your side watching you. Very near to you. S: … (at one’s wits end) Y: Panic? S: Today, I did not have this plan? (Audience cheers & laughs, Suk gives a panicked expression) Y: Made you panic? Looking at you, I also feel panic.

    3) Y: Because Prince you were an eel prince last year and suddenly, makes me feel angry, still need to educate you, I didn’t know you were so promising, one person leading such a big stage, makes me feel so touched (cry) this is how you looked last year (taking out the look of Prince in Tokyo Dome, everybody laughed) Kawaii~ S: This is the Blonde hair which I like. Y: Yes, hair like a mop, but so Kawaii.

    4) Y: Do you still remember last year? S: Hmm. Of course. Y: You said you do not want a deacon & MC like me, although I am a little upset & lonely, thinking of how much effort Prince put in it and moving forward until today makes me feel like crying. You are doing so great, you are the best! S: (leans on his knees with his hands and with the head down) Yes, really wonderful. Y: Like what you always say “really very great”, I appear in the final CRI SHOW2.

    5) Y: In this 5 months of gathering occasion, the reason why I suddenly appear: is to celebrate together with the eels for the 20th anniversary debut of Jang Keun Suk. S: (loss of words) Y: Not only these eels who were present here, all the eels in Japan are cheering as well. S: (starts to bite his fingers) Y: Now the whole of Japan is in live broadcast. All the Jang Keun Suk FC members are now watching the online live broadcast. Y: It is a historical moment for all the eels in Japan.

    6) Y: Say hello to all the eels in Japan, Prince. S: (In shock) Looking at? Y: Look at anywhere you like. S: (facing the audience) Hello all eels in Japan, are you watching? (Audience: Hello, we are watching!) S: Too, too great (in loss) Y: Prince, did you hear the voice of everybody? Hear everybody’s bright voice? S: What..

    7) Y: Prince, you are frightened by my enthusiasm, I’m sorry. S: Oh.. Y: I’m sorry. S: It’s ok. Y: Long time no see. S: Almost a year. Y: 1 year has passed, you have grown up. S: Didn’t see you at the show oh, where are you? Y: I’ve been hiding, of course it’s not easy to hide with my big head (head close-up) S: (laugh) compared with this, blonde hair is better. Y: All the eels prepare this gift.

    8) Is ~ (Video of the Flying ship, all the audiences cheering) Prince’s flying ship. S: (shocked) Really? ! Y: Really, full of eels’ love flying ship. Blessing from all the eels for Jang Keun Suk’s 20th anniversary debut and flying to a higher and further place. Debuted for 20 years, experienced many pains, twists and turns, but from now on eels will be your energy! S: (holding the head and covering his ears) Y: No matter where you are, we want to be with you forever.

    9) Y: Fly with wings towards the direction that Prince hopes for! Flying ship is full of eels’ wishes. Prince’s flight, now the flight takes-off from land with all the Japan eels! (flying ship rises in the air, Prince kneels down) S: (voice trembling) is that thing real? Real thing? Y: Of course! Oh how? S: (startled) What is going on? Y: And… S: Is this from a video clip?

    10) Y: This is real, it is happening now! S (kneels & falls) Y: We are nearby, this Prince’s flight, is carrying the video recorder, looking downward.. (audiences cheering) S (everybody) really amazing! Y: Prince, did you see it? S: Coming straight!! Y: Oh how, Prince. S: Can’t take it anymore… Y: This is the humanoid text which all the eels made for you and can’t be inside the theatre! So wonderful!

    11) Y: Prince is looking. S: (shed tears) Y: Then everybody are you ready? Now, 1 2.. (whole audience flashing bi-color light stick) S: (can’t believe it with his own eyes) Y: See it clearly? The word “Love” given by everybody, Prince see it clearly oh! S: (covers his mouth, can’t cover the tears that flow off, cover his face with his fists and down again on his knees) help me, I have no more energy..

    12) S: (kneels & falls) Audience: Jang Keun Suk Jang Keun Suk!!! S: How do I do ~ ? Y: Everybody’s warm heart have fused into one, this is only one thought that all the Japanese eels have. Audience: Jang Keun Suk Jang Keun Suk!!! Y: Sincerely congratulations to Jang Keun Suk’ 20 year debut! S: (once again standing up, with his hand crossed his waist supporting himself, with lovely smile, holding back his tears) Audience: Come on!! S: Thank you!

    13) Y: Every single mood from everybody is simultaneously kept inside Prince’s heart, because I want to celebrate with everybody and that is why I came over here today, excuse me, please continue and a spend happy time with the eels and let this moment be captured inside your heart! Eels will always be by your side! Bye CRI ~ ! S: (suppresses his tears, bowing at a 90 degree angle to the stage) truly thank you. Being a child star at the age of 5, not just in Korea..

    14) S: Like now having an Asia tour, never think about it in my child era, always alone thinking of being a singer or an actor, striving for 20 years, obtained the support from all the fans, then could have today’s Jang Keun Suk. 20 years are very long, especially for me, having the support from everybody only then could I arrive at today, always having that, thanks. Like today, all my insides are flipping like wheels, totally at a loss for words..

    15) S: Really don’t know what to say, really thank you! I won’t cry! I am a man!! I definitely won’t cry!! This year everybody worked hard! (Audiences laugh) Just like now, to conquer the world, everyday put in effort! Please support me! (audiences cheering and applause) S (once again looked down holding back tears) I am now confused!! (raising his head looking up biting his lip) let us go! I believe in my eels! “The Melody We Made Together”.

    • How sweet of the J-eels to do this for Sukkie. That was so awesome & so very touching! I would be moved to tears like him too! He is so much loved by his eels. God less his eels & him! Zikzin, Sukkie!

      Tam, this is a real treat! Thank you so much for posting the English transcript. I totally enjoyed reading it & re watching the vdo clip again. His reaction was so adorable :-). God bless!

    • Thanks Tam…this is very nicely done; so vividly..
      Our Sukkie who is always on top of things was caught in this moment.. He always does special things for fans and this time around the blue eels did this for him is really deabak…
      He was very much surprised and emotional and we dearly love him…our SuperStarSukkie

  25. fellow eels, here’s another video of our prince with which i start and end my day with…just type “”heart beat shot jang geun suk asia prince”by kimo…he’s so enjoy!super handsome and cute and looks like the kind of guy you would like your daughter to go to the prom with…

  26. Thx Sis Tenshi for the translations . This is the first time I read this article . That made me felt more to dear JKS . He is very very smart ! That’s very true your eyes expressions is just like the best language you used ! He has beautiful eyes for sure, but they talked too . He is a born actor and also best singer with his beautiful voice , Zikzin dear JKS we eels waiting for your return in May ! We missed you a lot , Please take care be happy and healthy , We support you to the end ??????❤️???


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