11 thoughts on “[LOTTE DUTY FREE] Keunsuk’s selfie in Jeju #3”

  1. No wonder he says his ideal girl is still the same, no change and he waited 5 years???
    Haha! join 2014 South Korea celebrity couples soon !!!!!

  2. He is just teasing us. I don´t think JKS would confess his love for someone on a commercial film for Lotte DF. 🙂

    The way he rolls his eyes when he asks if Shin Hey will love the gift… so adorable.♥ I can´t stop watching it. He always puts me in a good mood.

    • yes I agree with you he will not do that on public and I sense that shin hye likes someone these days… this is only my opinion I hope nobody will not kill me in this blog.. peace every one

    • I noticed the elfish glance and I agree with you!
      However, I really like how he communicates with viewers. He is very convincing and looks great in a suit, with shirt unbuttoned the first two buttons and necktie tightly. So charming ….
      Thanks Tenshi for sharing!


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