[LOTTE DUTY FREE] Keunsuk’s selfie in Jeju #2


Jeju Behind-the-scenes,
Selfies of Jang Keunsuk in Jeju #2

A wedding in front of a flower field by stone walls.
We can almost hear Keunsuk’s heart pounding loud.
What would he be thinking of?

English version

Japanese version

Chinese version

Korean version

13 thoughts on “[LOTTE DUTY FREE] Keunsuk’s selfie in Jeju #2”

  1. i’m so in love.. lol! Sukkie are you waiting for me? i’m there in a heartbeat! kkk!
    omo my poor heart! ^^
    thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi! ^^

  2. Super cute and extremely short. 🙂

    JKS has been quiet last 10 days. He must be very busy now preparing to realise new album, FM i China … etc.

    • sis nana ama.where are u.i thought i was the only fan of jks in our country ghana and u know most ghanaians dnt really care abt celebrities except the musicians.i am happy u love sukkie too

  3. He looks happy. I would like him to be happy in real life. He is too busy and do not have time for personal life.
    Some time ago he said:”After news reports stated that I earned 400 billion yen in Japan. I received a lot of collaborative proposals but I feel that I am gradually losing some people and becoming lonely.”
    I hope that with the help of others who care about him, never become lonely and see him in reality full of emotions, waiting for the woman he loves.


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