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  1. helo mis tenshi im new her in your blog i realy fun of Jang Geun Suk.. tanx for updating us about him.. and in this picture he realy so young… 🙂 love love love..

  2. Now he looks 16 instead of 26!!!! He must be the only (magical) human being who grows younger every year! I think his next Zikzin Radio topic should be ” How to stay young” :-). Tenshi, please suggest to him :-). His eels want to grow young with him to support him forever -:)

    Thanks for posting his pix. He looks adorable as always!

      • I really think he should do it 🙂 It would be fun. Eels around the world could share their fountain of youth secrets :-). And the rest of us would Lear a few things :-).

  3. Looking so handsome lately, short hair really does wonders for him. I feel that he outshines others regardless of gender in a CF, photoshoot or drama ~^^

    • I totally agree with you!!! 🙂 He has so much charm and a special aura that make him look more attractive than anyone around him. And this short hair style does make him look much younger than his age 🙂

  4. Love these pictures..our wonderboy becomes more younger everytime and more natural..where other stars put on more make up and more guyliner our prince goes all bare and natural…next trend!!!!!!!!!

    • Mamacri..act..keun suk always look younger when he dont wear make up..now with less makeup and eyeliner style people start to notice.kkkk…its not a secret that he look young…just the secret how he maintain it..but for me keun suk is blessed with such a baby face.

  5. Thanks Tenshi for sharing!
    I always said that ours Keun Suk is a free spirit with an open mind.
    Free spirit is like a child’s soul: he can not hate and know how to forgive. Not afraid to cry, can laugh heartily and not ashamed of his mistakes. He recognizes and is willing to learn. Enjoying every moment, but not detest the past. Dream more and love more.
    Free Spirit is like the wind: sneaks everywhere. He can not be stopped to enter where his heart asks.
    Ours Keun Suk can sing, dance, perform a variety of roles, to present fashion, composing songs, writing lyrics, to be DJ, make radio broadcasts, to manage their affairs, to swim, to go with bike, to go with motorcycle, to drive, to skateboarding, to snowboarding, cooking and much more…..
    However, he believes he still has a lot to learn and a lot of research. He has many plans. He have young soul and lively mind and these makes him stay young and strong. He must remain capable of realizing all his dreams.
    I admire him for his strong character and determination of who builds his road towards the front.
    I pray for the health of his body and his soul.

    • Adriana…you are also a mamacri…just like me; if this was my son my heart would burst out of my body…filled with pride..
      He is like an innocent child, despite all what happened and is done to him (and still going on) he can still laugh and share his life..things that were good but also the not so good. We all know our boy is not perfect but even in that he is perfectly imperfect..
      I’m twice his age but he inpires me so much that the only thing I can do for him is to love him infinite, stay by his side and trust him. He is such a generous and loving being one must be out his mind to “hate” and hurt him.. and the ones who do don’t see life straight either…so what they think is quite meaningless.

      btw Adriana…you forgot..horseriding, surfing, directing, photography, choreagraphy..etc LOL
      this boy is so hands on he would never have to go hungry..
      If your life depends on it you wanne be with such person..
      He is an autodidact and he never fails to take lead
      I too pray for his sanity in this crazy world..

      • Thanks Mamacri! Indeed! He is perfect in his imperfection! Moreover he is unique!
        It is difficult to enumerate all he can do but the most important is that he can open hearts and break down barriers between people.
        Thanks to him people around the world communicate without having to take account of anything.
        True! He inspires me and perhaps inspire many others. It is impossible not to think positively and not try to be better when you see just how positive he is and how he tries to give all he has better. And I’m especially impressed by his whole life, his endeavor and the sacrifices he has made​​.
        In daily life I am a proud mother of two children at home and always pray for my children’s health and fulfillment.
        Since I discovered Keun Suk, I am very proud of this discovery and he always appears in my prayers along with my children. I think it is not an exaggeration and I hope no one will consider this an exaggeration.
        My appreciation for him is sincere, refers to him as a person. I admire the way he turned into a decent man who took his life into his own hands and goes straight ahead without having to bow his head, no matter how hard it would be.
        I will continue to keep him in my prayers and I pray for the health of all.

    • Such beautiful words, Adriana and Mamacri. Yes, indeed…He is TRUE from the top of his head, up to the tips of his toes, and same, deep down in his heart and soul. Well, I’m more close of his age, but I’m proud of him, too. More then ever. He changed so much these past few months, and he is on the way to become “un VRAI homme” as french like to say. So proud, so proud…I love to see him being his best everyday, and I encourage him to do so, but more than that I really want him to have his heart full of joy and live the life, no matter how hard it would be…

      Keun Suk-ssi, I love your heart…so, let me see her smiling…Peace and Love be with you, always close to you.

      Now, I have a dilemma: what language should I learn? Korean for his movies and radio shows or japanese for his songs? Keun Suk-ssi, if you ever read this comment, what do you recommend?

  6. I actually think he looks like him self in some “Love rain” scenes, when he smiles on Hana after “fountain kiss” for instance, or when he accepts her ring, episode 10, i belive. Little bit longer hair on his right side, and it´s Seo Joon.♥

    What kind of magasine is that? I hope that we can read at least some parts of his interwiev at some point. I have traid myself to translate his “Marie Claire” interview with help of google translate and korean dictionary,and you can say it didn´t go well. 🙁

    I have huge respect for the work you do on this blog translating from japanese, korean and chinese almoust everything that comes out about JKS. It must be time consuming. I just hope that you will keep doing that. 🙂

    • i agree Zoe! much like our Love Rain – Jun! but less stressed ^^
      Sukkie is indeed looking more and more handsome each day- I hope it is because he is in love and being loved back ^^
      thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi! zikzin!

  7. He looks very handsome but for some reason when I see this picture I wish that asian media show him according to his real age, trying to show people younger than they are is not what some fans want, we want our artist with their real age, real personality, real clothing style or real lifestyle, even if the artist has a lot of young fans reality is always better in my opinion.


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