We will meet an actor who has perfect, handsome features which makes him look like a handsome prince from a fairy tale. He is known as the Pan-Asiatic star! It’s Jang Keun-seuk, the prince of Asia who has thousands of fans in Southeast Asia, China, and Japan. He tries out various transformations without any hesitation, and opts for a dandy style to an out-of-this-world kind of style as well. Jang Keun-seuk has diverse fashion styles, so we will check out his fashion styles!

23 thoughts on “[Video] Showbiz Korea : EVERYTHING ABOUT JANG KEUN-SUK’S FASHION STYLES All About 장근석 스타일”

  1. thanks for sharing ! that was really sweet and made me day 🙂 … i really loved his looks during pretty man i meam doko mate was just gorgeous !!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love all his fashion styles, his layered look, his suits, his casual look, i mean: he is beautiful!!!!

  3. He is really a trend setter, a fashionista, can carry any style… I love everything about him. He is really handsome and very talented person. Love you my Prince!

  4. the “thousands of fans” must be corrected but i am so loving the VO – “how can we not fall in love with him?” – HOW? kkk!
    the writer surely must be an eel ^^

    • I agree…what thousands?…writer meant to say millions?
      In my opinion Arirang was never good in editing images of our prince…there are tons of images to choose from and they did a bit poorly…(the same with other rankings…he is on top and yet his footage is the least…and I missing something?
      They want to praise him but at the same time they manage to downgrade him…why not mention about he was the trendsetting for eyeliner…and the “quirky” fashion style what others now copying??

      • What do they mean with “thousands of fans.” JKS have millions of fans all over the world. I mean, he has fans in Europe, og he don´t even try to be famous in Europe.

        And they haven´t mentioned his Team-H look. I watched “I just wanna have fun” DVD again a few days ago, and thought how totally different he looks now. He is really a chameleon, and looks greit in any style.

        But it was fun to watch the video. The reporter has actually said a lot of nice things about Sukkie. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. because of this chameleon actor, I got into his trap forever… as I notice he can play any other roles in other drama easily but not the other way round… I always find it hard to imagine other Korean actors playing his role in MMM (long hair Prince who can sing so well all the OSTs), YAB (perfectly eye-lined HTK with different look who touches our hearts even with angry look), case of Itaewon Homocide (the English speaking murderer who can disguise so well as innocent killer), Baby & I (the young teen who can handle baby so well), HGD (the prince whose tears touches our heart), Love Rain (mushroom head In Ha in the 70s and Seo Jun in modern, both with 2 completely different personality but both touches our heart again), BV (the crew-cut rugged police-cum-musician who can play trumpet like real), You’re my pet (the curly hair man who looks like a real puppy ^_^) and Bel Ami (the ultimate test of his chameleon look and personality change in a single drama…from outer beauty to inner beauty)
    Try to imagine any of the top actors playing his roles… I can fit any except him… that may be the reason why he picks all these dramas to challenge himself.

    • Agree with you QQeyes…he is not acting like he’s acting..he’s always so natural..even the unlikely situations he makes it seems so normal…LOL
      He leaves footprints that only he can fill

    • You said it all, QQeyes007 🙂 I totally agree with you. I got trapped too…by his eyes, his smile, his beauty, his deep voice (especially his deep & sensual voice!), his mesmerizing & versatile acting, his singing & entertaining style, his mind, his personality, and on…and on….the list is long 🙂

      Just love this guy 🙂

  6. I totally ,totally agree that prince Jks is a true blooded trend -setter. In fact, according to our observation, many young artists are trying to imitate his originality. But as a very smart young man, he keeps on re-inventing himself. That’s why his followers never get tired of him and always guessing his next unpredictable style. Like his personality, his sense of fashion is way beyond compare .We definitely love his mix style but not the feminine outfit. Surely the next trend would be his fashion style wearing a cap.a boots and a military sort of pants. Like it.

    • yep…we must…maybe Arirang gets to read them…if they care..
      I already left mine..
      My opinion…everytime he is in some ranking his footages is the least..like they want to compliment him but still holding back or don’t dare to …(more eleborate or more complete; sometimes even a bit outdated); like they did not mention his TEAM H style in this which is wicked..yeah!! ….
      The presenters are enthusiastic enough…maybe even silent eels (lol)
      Maybe Arirang has to hold back because they gets extra’s if the footage of the other stars involved are longer…just a wild guess..

      • Mamacri, i think it’s easier for Arirang to find footages of other stars since they are ‘forced’ to join lots of variety shows especially before and after their ‘comebacks’. Our JKS hasn’t done that for quite a while so they can only use the footages from his dramas or overseas CFs or previous activities when he was also under a big company management following the same rule as everybody else. Actually if they follow his official YT account, they’ll find more info about him… Or maybe we should introduce them to our JKSForever Blog hehehe…

  7. Thanks for sharing. I think he has a lot more than what mentioned in this video. My Prince is adventerous in everything not only his clothes or his hairstyles. He played so many characters in his films and series. In concerts he could sing and dance so well. He is always very interactive with his fans. In the video they said the number of fans is in thousands! Excuse me??? It is in millions, my dear!!!! The age range is from 5 to 80s hahahahaha. Who could be like him? No one.

  8. Oh my gosh I agree with all you ladies. JKS is the best out of all of those actors/entertainers out there. No one can be like him. They can imitate but they cannot duplicate our Prince JKS ❤️❤️❤️


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