[LOTTE DUTY FREE] Keunsuk’s selfie in Jeju #1


Jeju Behind-the-scenes,
Selfies of Jang Keunsuk in Jeju

#1 At Olle Walking Paths where we can enjoy fresh wind.
Do you want to going on a date with Keunsuk?

English version

Japanese version

Chinese version

Korean version

12 thoughts on “[LOTTE DUTY FREE] Keunsuk’s selfie in Jeju #1”

  1. our psycho boss is teasing us yet again! ^^
    i really love it when he is outdoors, the shining lights on his eyes are brighter and inviting! ^^
    thank you for sharing this! i hope there’s more to follow. ❤

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Ours Keun Suk feels good outside, in nature. I’m very happy for him. While it is not a holiday, is welcome such a view that loads its batteries. He has been very busy lately, has worked hard and he needs a good rest.
    My dear. Take care of yourself!

  3. Sukkie is so bad…teasing his eels Aigoooooo…of course all eels wanne date you.. whether they ar e 8 or 88 LOL how can we withstand your smile and your generous invitation
    As a budhist he is very nice to animals..just like “family”


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