[flash news] Jang Keun Suk’s Schedule from April to July 2014

Credit: Panda_HK

April 26: Cafebene Beijing Fan Meeting.

Translation of the words on the poster: “Bene Have a Date with Star” between Mar 24 – Apr 20 2014, if you one time expense RMB 108 (USD 20) in Cafebene, you can win a ticket for JKS Fan Meeting on April 26. Total 800 tickets. First come first serve.

May 17 – 2014 Lotte Duty Free Jang Keun Suk The Memories Fan Meeting

June 14 – 1st ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ fan meeting, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
July 19, 20 – 2nd ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ promotion event, Makuhari-Messe, Chiba

13 thoughts on “[flash news] Jang Keun Suk’s Schedule from April to July 2014”

  1. Wow…these are his obligatory schedules…so the CD and concerts are between these… Can’t wait to find out…
    Thanks for sharing..very much to look forward to..JYO!!

  2. thank you for sharing Sukkie’s sched! more activities to look forward to!
    i pray he will release concert sched soon too! ^^ zikzin!

  3. Awesome! I wish I could join in Asia this year but settling with my short visit with fellow Eel to talk about him. LOL

  4. Hi! Where can I buy tickets for the Japan fan meeting at Tokyo International Forum? any website for that? your reply is much appreciated, thanks! 🙂


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