Vote for JKS at 15th Global Chinese Music Awards!!

Click on pic for bigger view.

* Updated tip *

I hear that if you disconnect and connect to the internet, you can vote even within that one hour.
Not sure if this is true, I don’t dare to try it myself in case I cannot connect back to internet.

Please cast your online vote for JKS! Very simple, and it’s free!

(1) Save this website under your Favourites.

(2) Scroll to the middle of the page and look out for JKS as pointed out in the printscreen above.
It’s above the first row of photos.
* Important * Please try and recognize JKS’ Chinese name 张根硕 as the rank changes.
It may be in no. 1 or 2 or 3 position.

(3) Between JKS’ name and the number of votes shown, click on “支持TA”.
That’s all!

(4) For each IP (computer), you can vote once every hour.

Please vote for him and help him to win an award at the prestigious GCMA!
Voting ends at 12 noon China time on 15 April 2011. Just 1 week left!

Thank you!

38 thoughts on “Vote for JKS at 15th Global Chinese Music Awards!!”

      • Yes, I can finally access the voting website at past midnight China time…. don’t tell me we have to turn our day and night around, and vote actively at night?? ^^

  1. it’s hard for me to find JGS’s name in chinese kanji > 張根碩 but i don’t think so i look that kanji in website. HELP me friend >>>

    • Thanks, nita, every vote is precious!
      In all kinds of voting contests, JKS always comes up against Kim Hyun Joon ><

      I got a shock 1 hour ago when JKS' votes dropped below KHJ.
      Pls continue to vote. Many thanks!!

      • i just vote (2nd time) seems his no. of vote more than 8000 i thought KHJ still >6000 . but there’s someone more than 9000 vote…ohh i don’t know him :赵薇 do u know this Kanji name ? hmm

      • That is Vicki Zhao, a China actress who has acted in some movies. The nearly 12,000 votes for Vicki is in the “Best Female Singer” category, which I think is a joke…..
        i mean, i have not seriously listened to any of her songs, though I heard her sing many years ago… wasn’t fantastic. it must be her fans driving up the voting.

  2. I really don’t like to vote over web especially the unlimited votes per IP but will do it this time just for Sukkie & his eels ^_^ Gosh, this man & his eels really changes me alot!

    • Thanks! There are usually a few such awards voting online (for JKS), but generally I tend to ignore these because I don’t have the time or such awards are organised by trivial websites that don’t really matter.

      But GCMA is different. It’s quite a big event and coming at this time, I believe, this is strategic and important to JKS’ move to further develop his career in China, especially as he’s attending the Awards. The Chinese eels are quite determined to vote and deliver this award to JKS, and I feel the same too.

      So every vote counts, thanks!! ^^

      • Don’t worry, this time I will vote as many as I can as like what you said, I was also in BaiduSukbar to witness how Chinese eels votes 24 hrs by 2-3 shift during the last Yahoo Search voting..really amazed with their determination as I saw the eels pass “baton” from night shift eels to day shift eels …even if the Sukkie already secured 1st place in voting then, they continue till closing date!

  3. voted twice already. this is the first time i have ever participated in online voting AT ALL. you make wonders JKS!!

  4. doesn’t seem fair to be able to vote once every hour… Don’t understand such rule… But I voted anyways !! Thank you my friend in teaching me how to read his name in Chinese.

    • haha, since it’s the “Most popular Asian Influential Korean Artist” award, it’s probably to measure how much influence JKS has over fans in the region to keep voting for him! …. : D

  5. thanks for helping us.. especially like me that can’t understand chinese.. got to go to vote.. 🙂
    JKS fighting!!!

  6. Arrgghh…i cannot vote until saturday.(they blocked the internet at my office) i’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to have a revenge on voting.keep fighting eels…let the prince become a king ^^

  7. I voted for Suk and go on everyday.
    To someone can’t recognise Suk’s name.
    When you open the website: you pull down and see the pictures of actress (on the top row, you click the fourth= can see the picture of Suk. After that you click into: …TA, it’s ok. You can vote many time, once every hour.
    Together vote for Suk, as much as possible.:D

    • I think from about 7 hours ago, the voting website must have been paralysed by high traffic – it doesn’t load at all … do try again some other time ….

      i just hope everyone cannot access the website, so that the voting doesn’t become unfair.
      i don’t want to see the website again and get a shock when JKS’ numbers drop!

      • Based on my IT knowledge, once the web server is overloaded or down, all will face the same problem, just like a traffic jam on expressway, all vehicles will move slowly or standstill until the road is cleared…so should be fair, don’t worry

      • yeaaaah,,,it’s excellent now:) i woted 10 times..every 30min
        hope vote much more as long as able to vote^^
        just 4 our prince~~

  8. Hoho 1st time voting for such event, really wish jks will win! Now I just hv to figure out whether I hv the channel to watch GCMA 🙂


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