[6 Apr 2011] Codes Combine behind-the-scenes pics

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Credits:Codes Combine & KeunSukChina 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网
Chinese translation:Huahua花花
English translation: Aphrael77

* Note: Please compare the text captions against the pictures.

Topic: Review of JKS during photo shoot, from Codes Combine staff

When JKS saw so many clothes on the rack, he said in a playful whining tone, “It’s too many!”

During JKS’ make-up time, while fiddling with his mobile phone, fair-skinned JKS was smiling beautifully and interacting well with the crew!

This is a private photo shoot, only open to a KBS programme and a Thai filming crew for interview. The behind-the-scenes shots were done during filming breaks. The cool and sincere JKS answered even trivial questions in his usual forthright manner.

The KBS programme will be broadcasting JKS and Kim Og Bin’s interview on 9 April. During the interview, JKS laughed loudly and even sang a song.

JKS’ lunch-box was specially prepared and as such, it was the last to come, so JKS was looking enviously at the crew’s lunch-boxes. JKS’ lunch-box was big enough to let him eat during filming breaks, because the photo shoot would take a very long time. Did you see it? It’s that big lunch-box wrapped in golden sash (next to JKS). I took a quick look at his lunch-box, which consisted mainly of fruits. It’s really hard to maintain a slim figure.

Recently, actor Jang seemed to be learning tennis. It’s during a break after lunch. In the studio, JKS was very engrossed in playing tennis, this is really called a poster~ actor Jang is very absorbed in it, haha ^^

A photograph signed personally by JKS! During the filming of the last scene, while JKS was touching up on his make-up, I asked actor Jang for his autograph~ He agreed without any fuss, “Ok~ please bring it over here” and immediately signed it for me. Another one too! The one and only unique autograph by JKS is completed!

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题目:Codes combine工作人员广告拍摄张根硕回顾



这次拍摄属于非公开.所以只有“KBS演绎家中介”以及“提供给泰国花絮的拍摄组”访问现场.花絮是在广告拍摄空档中完成的,就算对于细小的问题也爽快回答,非常有诚意的cool guy 张根硕!!

KBS 演绎家中介节目将会播放张根硕以及金玉彬的采访,节目将在9号播出,另外,张根硕在采访中非常豪迈的哈哈哈哈哈~~的大笑并且还唱歌。

最近张演员好像在学打羽毛球呢。吃了午餐暂时休息的空档。在摄影棚里,非常投入在打羽毛球的模样,才真正的叫做海报啊~张演员真是好投入 哈哈^^


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  1. hi Aphrael77…do you know the time KBS will airing/broadcasting the interview on 9th April ?…i really wish to watch it…but i couldn’t stand by in front of tv all day… T_T
    or will you upload the interview in youtube..maybe ?

    • Hi, i don’t know the time, will update if I come across the info … but I’m pretty sure someone will upload video ^^

  2. Pretty?… handsome?… beautiful?…. cute?…..charming? Just dun know why, i like to c his face very much. Really really just dun know why? But I’m looking forward to see his “smart” side, hope he will have a shorter hair style. I dun dare to paste his poster at home coz my hubby… u know la! Cannot always mentioned JGS in front of him, if not being banned from going to FM in coming June coz ticket yet out for selling. But I have him on my PC screen saver & cubicle wall….ha! ha!


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